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Hannaford to sell fruit and vegetable Misfits

Hannaford Supermarkets has started selling some produce items that are less-than-perfect looking — along with the beautiful fruit and vegetables for which it is known — in the Albany, NY, area.hannroro

Called "Misfits" produce, these items may be slightly discolored or not uniform in size; in some instances they have an unusual shape or bump. The food is just as nutritious and flavorful as other produce, and it will be selling for a substantially lower price than its conventional cousins.

Hannaford's trial of this product line at Albany-area stores is part of an international trend in the sale of irregular-looking produce: popular in Europe and just beginning in parts of the United States.  The purchase of these items by Hannaford will help reduce food waste on farms, where an estimated 30 percent of crops do not make it to market because those fruits and vegetables do not have the ideal appearance.

"Our supermarkets pride themselves in making sure that any produce we don't sell goes to local food pantries or, when it is not appropriate for donation, to composting and animal feed," Hannaford Spokesman Eric Blom said in a press release. "Misfits takes that to another level by helping to reduce farm waste, while providing our customers with another option for nutritious fruit and vegetables."

Misfits items, which will vary from week to week, will be sold in the produce section of participating Hannaford stores.  The offering will include items such as apples, oranges, cucumbers, tomatoes, mini watermelon and squash.