This past quarter Whole Foods Market's total sales increased 8 percent to a record $3.6 billion; however, the final two weeks saw dramatic reduction in store sales growth as a result of reports that it knowingly overcharging customers via improper price labeling. Despite the slowdown co-Chief Executive Officer Walter Robb was optimisitic about store sales, but investors didn't seem to share his outlook, as the company's... Read more

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The U.S. Department of Agriculture announced that cranberry growers voted to continue their federal marketing order program. The marketing order applies to cranberries grown in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, Oregon, Rhode Island, Washington and Wisconsin. It also applies to cranberries grown in Long Island, NY. Thirty-nine percent... Read more

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Perspective gives Fruit Royale its edge
Before starting Delano, CA-based Fruit Royale Inc. 11 years ago with his brother, Louie Galvan had spent his career as a buyer and buyer-broker.  As a seller today, he stills has the buyer’s perspective in mind, which greatly enhances his ability to service his customers.  To a certain extent, he knows their needs.Fruit Royale owners John Galvan (left)... Read more


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Recognition: Longtime Tom Lange executive Bruce Rubin retiring this summer
A long career with Tom Lange Co. is coming to an end this summer for Bruce Rubin, who will retire from Tom Lange Co. at the end of August. Rubin, who was born, raised and has always worked in St. Louis, was hired by company founder Tom Lange on Dec. 19, 1966 as Lange was just building his company from... Read more