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Mexico’s avocado growers’ organization, known commonly by the acronym APEAM, announced today that workers were back in the groves picking avocados for U.S. consumption after a 16-day hiatus. Newly harvested fruit is expected to reach the U.S.-Mexican border as early as tomorrow, Nov. 15, though it will take at least two weeks for the pipeline to be filled again, according to U.S. importers. The announcement by APEAM of an... Read more

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Kurt Zuhlke & Assoc. introducing new safety-lock packaging
For more than 60 years, Kurt Zuhlke & Assoc., Inc. has been providing packaging for produce, and over the decades, the company has grown into an international packing powerhouse. Kurt Zuhlke, president and chief executive officer of the Bangor, PA-based company bearing his (and his founding father’s) name, said business is booming and he’s excited to head... Read more

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Setton Pistachio going nuts for NY Produce Show
Joseph Setton, vice president of domestic sales for Setton Pistachio of Terra Bella, based in Terra Bella, CA, said the company is super excited to have its New York-based team members meet with retailers at this year’s New York Produce Show and demonstrate to them its variety of pistachio and pistachio value-add products. “Pistachios are the second largest... Read more


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Western Growers mainstay Matthew McInerney to retire
Matt McInerney is clearly a throwback to a different era. He began his produce industry career where he is ending it — at Western Growers Association. He hardly missed a day of work in that 40-plus year career and his plow-horse work ethic is truly emblematic of the industry that he serves.Matthew... Read more