MountainKing Steakhouse Roasters featured in new Roaster Mania promotion
A new promotion by Texas-based MountainKing is providing retailers the opportunity to showcase the company’s popular Steakhouse Roasters, the slender, thin-skin fresh variety that consistently earns the potato category’s highest average retail price per pound and more dollar ring than traditional potato types. MountainKing’s Roaster Mania promotion features high-graphic point-of-sale materials, a display contest for store... Read more

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CMI give bird’s eye view of new packing facility
With over 500,000 square feet of new packinglines equipped with the latest technological machinery, capturing the scope of McDougall & Sons’ new operation on video couldn’t be accurately portrayed without taking to the skies. According to Katharine Grove, marketing specialist at CMI, the new facility is so expansive that capturing the size and scope... Read more

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Pleasant Valley Potato Inc. in Aberdeen, ID, places a strong emphasis on keeping its customers supplied with quality potatoes throughout the year. “We’ve brought the old-fashioned virtues of farming to the new technology of packaging and shipping, joining the best work of man with the best work of Mother Nature. It is our commitment to grow, pack and ship... Read more


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IPC names Stanley Trout to foodservice team
Stanley Trout joined the Idaho Potato Commission foodservice marketing team as promotions director for the Southeast, effective Dec. 1. He will be based in Nashville, TN. Working closely with Don Odiorne, IPC’s vice president of foodservice, and the other regional foodservice promotion directors, Trout... Read more