J’s three favorite tips for an easier Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is sneaking up on us, so I’m offering my three favorite tips for making it more beautiful, easier and enjoyable.

Tip No. 1: Green it up fast.

I get asked to work on Valentine’s Day in shops and I have a rule — they have to carry and use the Fabulous Foliage Bouquets from FernTrust. These amazing all foliage bouquets are created in over a dozen styles — from a 5-stem bunch (Just Add Flowers) to ones that have 10- 12- 15- and even 24-stems (the Ultimate).

COLOREDSuggest colored roses — other than red — to your male customers because most women prefer them for Valentine’s Day.The great benefit of this product is that each bunch comes in a cellophane sleeve and you simply take it out of the box, pull off the sleeve, cut the stems (with one swipe of a bunch cutter) and drop them into the vase. Your vase for a dozen roses or mixed bouquet is greened in less than 30 seconds. (If you want to watch me make a dozen roses in less than three minutes using a Fabulous Foliage Bouquet, go to https://youtu.be/MURMzsCU_7I.) Twelve roses and beautiful Limonium all arranged in less than three minutes — think of the time you’ll save.

Tip No. 2: Suggest colored roses, other than red.

The Society of American Florists did a survey of 100 women, asking them their favorite color of roses and 85 percent answered peach, pink or orange. When they surveyed 100 men and asked them what color roses women preferred, 94 percent answered red.

So you can offer some great education by telling that simple story and showing your male customers peach, pink or orange roses. It’s an opportunity to give your Valentine a color they prefer and make the giver look like a million bucks.

Plus, colored roses are readily available, they will stand out from the crowd, and they may even be more fragrant — it’s a win-win for everyone.

Tip No. 3: Don’t forget the flower food.

That little packet of flower food is a lifesaver and a life extender. Go big or go home — get the 10-gram pack and give them to your customers. Encourage them to add them to cold water — keep that water in the fridge. Remember, cold water makes flowers last longer because it detours bacteria growth.

And top off that arrangement with flower food. Flower food is designed by the scientists at Chrysal to not only make flowers last longer but to increase flower size and fragrance.

Flower food also enhances color and keeps the leaves bright green. Add to that helping to reduce bacteria production and that package is just like magic. Use it and you’ll have longer lasting flowers that keep your customers coming back again and again.

J Schwanke is the Flower Expert and host of Fun with Flowers and J on uBloom.com. He can be contacted at J@uBloom.com.

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