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Gourmet Finest launches new Gourmet Mushroom Crumble

Gourmet’s Finest is shouting out “Get Ready to Crumble” with its new Gourmet Mushroom Crumble, a blend of fresh white and various brown mushrooms.D85 2683 preview

Alan Kleinman, sales and business development manager for the Avondale, PA-based mushroom producer, told The Produce News that the new item is being rolled out now.

“Gourmet’s Finest has partnered with Atlanta-based Maxwell Chase, which manufactures packaging solutions that improve quality and extend the shelf life of fresh-cut fruits and vegetables, for this special pack,” said Kleinman. “The patented technology is built into the bottom of the tray, and it has the ability to absorb any moisture the product throws off.”

Gourmet Mushroom Crumble is a perfect fit with the Mushroom Council’s The Blend initiative, which encourages blending chopped mushrooms with meat proteins for higher nutrition, lower costs and better flavor.

“The result is a slime-free fresh crumbled mushroom product, and the mushrooms stay crumbly,” Kleinman pointed out. It also has the added benefit of a longer shelf life — from 10 to 12 days — because there is less condensation on the product.”

Several mushroom producers have introduced fresh chopped mushrooms in recent years, but almost all are frozen. This is because once washed and chopped, mushrooms tend to leak a lot of moisture.

“Gourmet Mushroom Crumble is available in an eight-ounce retail package, a 32-ounce club store package and a pair of five-pound tubs or trays for foodservice operators,” noted Kleinman.

“We’re now in the process of testing the item for a national foodservice company,” he continued. “And we’re readying ourselves for a retail push after having done a lot of testing on the package.”