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West Pak newcomer Joe Nava headed to Fresh Summit

This spring, West Pak Avocado Inc. welcomed Joe Nava as its vice president of sales and business development. His responsibilities include exploring new territories and helping to strengthen the company’s customer relationships.

“West Pak has afforded me the ability to connect with our retail customers as well as current foodservice and wholesalers to strengthen our relationships and help grow our businesses,” Nava said. “The company is allowing me to develop accounts and bring new ones to the table freely, and so far, there’s a lot of positive feedback.”

ILA-BAGS As a member of West Pak’s executive management team, Nava will also be heavily involved in a wide variety of initiatives and decision making across many areas of the Murrieta, CA-based produce company, including marketing and research and development campaigns.

A veteran of the produce industry, Nava started in the business after finishing his degree in agriculture business with a minor in marketing at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. He’s worked both on the operational side and sales desk, finding success at both turns.

“I have seen all of the struggles that every sales rep experiences, from bringing on accounts to developing and ultimately keeping them,” Nava said. “My experience on the operational side has given me a unique perspective to help our team work together with a goal to provide the ultimate service and freshness to the customer.”

Nava shared that he is looking forward to heading to the Produce marketing Association’s Fresh Summit both for the “vibrancy of the foot traffic” and the opportunity for customers to meet the team and to experience West Pak’s new booth.

“We have such incredible talent with so many years of combined knowledge in the industry. That’s why I’m thrilled to showcase our team to the industry,” he said. “To top it off, with CEO Mario Pacheco in attendance, it’s an excellent opportunity for customers to get to know the head of our avocado family.”

One of the things he expects to be talking to attendees about is the company’s unique bagged avocados program.

“I love the creativity with the I Love Avocados brand, Viva Avocados, California Gold and Lil’Cados, plus the value that the heart-healthy mark on the bags brings to the table,” he said. “It’s enormous and is of great value to our retailers. No one else has these great retail brands, but we do — and I can’t wait to share.”

One of his favorite things about the company is that it’s family-owned. He is quick to point out that the company genuinely cares about its customers, growers, and employees and noted that West Pak shows that every day in the way it handles business and treats people.

“West Pak is a true California avocado grower. This sits well with our customers because a successful produce company should know and respect the avocado journey from the tree to the store, or to the plate for foodservice,” Nava said. “West Pak understands the process and respects what it takes to grow and deliver a premium avocado.”