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Hudson River Fruit Distributors celebrates addition of fifth generation

On July 24, Milton, NY-based Hudson River Fruit Distributors welcomed its fifth-generation family member when fourth-generation Alisha Albinder-Camac and her husband, Jesse Camac, welcomed their son, Cayden Joseph Camac, into the world.

The infant arrived weighing eight-pounds, six-ounces. A photo announcing his birth came with the quote, “The Cutest Apple in the Orchards” printed on his onesie baby outfit.

Hudson River Fruit distributed two-million boxes of apples from its 2018 crop, and it’s expecting an on-par crop of apples again in 2019 in both volume and quality.

Alisha Albinder-Camac serves as the company’s director of operations. She said that in addition to the excitement about the new baby, the company is also gearing up for the new season.

IMG-3611Fifth generation Hudson River Fruit Distributors’ member, Cayden Joseph Camac, born July 24.“The weather in New York has been very good with conditions benefiting the apple trees,” said Albinder-Camac in early July. “There is a good set on the trees and the fruit is setting up nicely. We expect the fruit size to be larger than last year due to the balance of moisture and sun we’ve had. Overall, we predict a crop that in on par with the 2018 crop.”

Hudson River Fruit offers both conventional and organic apples, and it utilizes integrated pest management.

“We will begin harvesting in late August with early varieties of Ginger Gold and Galas, and then moving into other strong varieties,” said Albinder-Camac. “Other varieties that are in strong demand include the always popular McIntosh and Honeycrisp, along with more recently evolving varieties like the Fuji, Zestar, SnapDragon, RubyFrost and more. To keep up with demand we continue to increase our grower base and we are always expanding.”

The company handles all popular apple varieties to keep its customers supplied with those they need to satisfy consumer desires.

A couple of years ago Hudson River Fruit purchased an apple orchard which previously separated two adjacent orchards which the company already owned. Albinder-Camac said the three farms are now one large orchard. This spring the company planted Premier Honeycrisp — which ripens as much as two to three weeks before the regular Honeycrisp — and EverCrisp varieties on the newly purchased property.

“We have basically doubled our production of the SnapDragon,” she pointed out. “And we look forward to increasing production of others including Fuji and RubyFrost varieties in the future. These have all grown strongly in popularity and demand.”

Hudson River Fruit Distributors had its start in 1932 when Isadore (Izzy) Albinder immigrated to the United States from Russia.

When he arrived in New York he recognized an opportunity to broker fresh produce. He bought a pushcart and began selling on the neighborhood streets of Brooklyn.

After some time, he began having trouble finding apples that he considered high enough quality, and so decided to venture up to the Hudson Valley to source the produce directly. He began fostering relationships with apple growers, some of whom Hudson River Fruit Distributors continues to work with today.

The company bought its first orchard in 1967 in order to have better control of the apples it sold.

Izzy’s son, Harold (Chief) Albinder was persistent in all his endeavors and took many calculated risks to build the business to what it is today.

“My grandfather turned 81 last spring, and is still active in the business,” said Albinder-Camac. “My father, Daniel, joined the company in 1980. Over time he learned every aspect of the business from the ground up.”

Today, the company is recognized as a leading New York apple producer. It distributes its apples as far west as Wisconsin and south to Florida.

“We consistently work toward increasing our efficiencies,” she pointed out. “Along with the excitement over our new family addition, we are very excited about celebrating our 56th year in business this year.”