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The Designer’s Bench: How to make modern Prom corsages

How to make a modern version of a traditional wrist corsage

wristcorsage Step-by-step instructions:

Choose flowers and ribbon based on party attire. Make sure to take into account fabric type and texture to make selection. Here we used Offray Double Face Satin in Azalea and Garbo Satin Sheer in Black. Both ribbons are 5/8-inch wide.

Coordinate wristlet design and spray accessories to accent jewelry being worn.

Start by making two separate bows in varying sizes using the two different ribbons; asymmetrical loops work best. Make sure you keep the tails long for now. scottScott Alexander

Using very thin floral wire, secure bows from center and then layer together and secure using more wire. Keep wire long.

Select your flowers based on size, texture and color. Here we used Variegated Dendrobium Orchids, Lavender Trachelium and Lisianthus.

Create a “Mini Bouquet” keeping the stems long. Make sure you wire your delicate flowers from bloom to base of stem ensure stability.

Insert your sparkly accents. Here we used Marquis rhinestone accessory.

Gather and wrap your “Mini Bouquet” with floral tape to secure and affix your bow to the base of the flowers and adjust.

Trim stems of the flowers and add additional floral tape to cover ends of wire.

Affix “Mini Bouquet” to metal plate on wristlet with narrow ribbon at two points so the flower unit does not shift. Use floral adhesive for an extra secure bond. We used the Fabulous Rhinestone Wristlet.

Trim tails of ribbon and trim stems now that the flowers are secured to the wristlet. Use floral tape to cover any wire or stems for comfort.

How to make an organic waterfall armband corsage armcorsage

Step-by-Step Instructions:

We used seeded long leaf Eucalyptus, Stock, Dusty Miller, and Spray Roses.

A Double Face Satin was used in Antique White to coordinate with the spray roses. Small loops with long tails were created and fastened with thin floral wire.

Being this is a directional design, we created two different “Mini Bouquets.”

For the first one, take your Spray Roses (in varying sizes) and Dusty Miller, arrange in a tight bouquet making sure the top roses are straight up and bottom roses are facing down. This is going to start the waterfall effect.

Take your small ribbon loops and attach to the first bouquet with thin floral wire.

Create your second bouquet. This one will be creating the length of the design. Take the Seeded Eucalyptus and trim stems to the final desired length of final design. Wire together.

Use your Stock and arrange on top of the Eucalyptus to create a transition between the “Mini Bouquet” you designed for the top. Wire together to secure.

Take both bouquets and wire both together. You might need to add extra Stock, Roses or Dusty Miller to smooth the transition between the two bouquets. Use floral tape to cover the wire and make sure it is super secure.

Add a few more ribbon loops and add sparkly rhinestone gem accents. Wire in or use floral adhesive to secure.

Take entire unit and use thin ribbon to attach to rhinestone bracelet (We used the Melania wristlet).

Make sure you secure the “Mini Bouquets” in at least two places (top and bottom of wristlet) so it does not shift when worn.

Trim tails of ribbon and trim stems now that the flowers are secured to the wristlet. Use floral tape to cover any wire or stems for comfort.

This style elongates the arm and accentuates both long and cocktail length dresses, alike.

Scott Alexander is the designer and owner of Scott A. Designs, LLC in Hewitt, NJ.