New ProduceTrac provides cutting edge innovation

Since the introduction of the new ProduceTrac logistics’ initiative at the New York Produce Show last December, people are quickly learning about the benefits of the program. ProduceTrac engages several issues that challenge fresh produce shippers by providing a streamlined process that accomplishes efficient solutions.

The program was developed by technical specialists at Target Interstate Systems, headquartered at Hunts Point Terminal Market in the Bronx, NY, but it is a separate entity from the company.

ProduceTrac aggregates all shipment update information for all of its users’ produce shipments. It then displays their location and current status on a simple, interactive map.

P1050460Evan Kazan, director of business development of Target Interstate Systems with his father, Paul Kazan, company president.Director of Business Development Evan Kazan pointed out that for produce shipping companies, managing and tracking all of the shipment information is difficult and time-consuming.

“ProduceTrac also easily reviews historical shipment data to uncover patterns and trends, helping users to manage their business and inventory more efficiently,” said Kazan. “It eliminates the need to frequently review dozens or hundreds of email updates each day so you can understand your shipments status at a glance.”

Additionally, ProduceTrac can run from any modern browser and with same-day setup. It can be easily implemented into any process, or help users to build a process if they don’t already have one.

“ProduceTrac does the job of a full team of assistants right from your laptop,” noted Kazan. “It’s a revolutionary cloud-based load tracking system developed specifically for the produce industry. It provides a continuous view of all your shipments, with load status details just a click away.”

Kazan works side by side with his father, Paul Kazan, company president. Founded in 1981, the company’s services include the arrangement and transportation of freight and cargo for its customers. Since its start the company has developed unparalleled relationships with major shippers and receivers in the fresh fruit and produce industry. It is recognized as a leading logistics company that specializes in the transport of fresh fruits and vegetables, and as having an uninterrupted commitment to quality service and reliability.

In addition to participation and accreditations with major produce industry and transportation organizations, Target is also a founding transportation member of the Dispute Resolution Corp. of Canada. It is one of the only transportation companies to obtain a PACA license from the Agricultural Marketing Service of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and it maintains memberships with the Produce Marketing Association, Eastern Produce Council and the Transportation Intermediaries Association.

Today it is also known for its cutting-edge technology developments.

“ProduceTrac automates the manual process for tracking shipments used today,” explained Kazan. “Currently, tracking shipments means opening countless emails, following some links or reading a list of shipping events. Instead of opening hundreds of emails a day, ProduceTrac takes all of that data, organizes it, categorizes it and displays it on a map so you can understand your produce shipment status at a glance.”

He pointed out that there is no catch to ProduceTrac. It is a low-cost subscription-based cloud solution. Users can run it from any modern browser, which means their map and data are available whenever it is needed from a computer, tablet or mobile device.

“ProduceTrac provides serious time savings, but that’s not all,” continued Kazan. “Consider how much more efficiently you can run your operation with all of this information right at your fingertips, and the advantages it will provide to your business.”

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