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Paterson Pickle Co. going green

Marc and Eric Nadel are no strangers to the pickle business, having been around them their entire life. As president of Paterson, NJ-based Paterson Pickle Co., Marc has helped lead the company to great success, as well as meet customers’ needs.

Now, even though it’s more expensive, and even though the company won’t pass along the cost, Paterson Pickle feels a corporate responsibility as business owners to be more environmentally conscious, and the company is removing the polystyrene out of its tray business.

IMG 7300Marc and Eric Nadel of Paterson Pickle.“Our customers need us to be in line on price, even if it means our packaging is more expensive. There is a market price for the items, and we can’t just pass along the extra cost,” Nadel said. “But it’s up to us to make the change and eat the cost. And we’re going to do that because it’s important to us. We want to be environmentally conscious because that’s where the direction of the business is going anyway.”

Nadel noted both he and Eric feel they have an ethical responsibility in making a change like this.

“This small step to get rid of the polystyrene and use non-Styrofoam trays is a small change that could really help,” he said. “We switched from waxed boxes to a completely recyclable box and we’re switching from anything with polystyrene to do completely recyclable trays and by the end of February, we should be in 100 percent recyclable packaging.”

Paterson Pickle also take food safety seriously and have the highest food safety certification in the country.

In 2020, Paterson Pickle will add some new products to its product line, will continue to add new customers and will look to grow even more.

“Even though we view this as something we can do from a moral standpoint, we do hope from a marketing standpoint that we do pick up more business and more sales because we’re doing this, so there is also a business component to it,” Nadel said. “But that’s just a bonus if it happens, that’s not the reason.”

The company is very hands-on with its customers, so it’s been easy getting the word out about what they’re doing, communicating with customers on a daily basis. They’re also working to make things easier for their retail partners.

For instance, more of its retail customers are trending towards pre-packaged items, so it’s making it easier for them.

“We sell a lot of loose cucumbers in bulk, but because supermarket chains and retail establishments are going more towards a retail pack, so there’s a barcode to scan, we’re selling more and more pre-packaged stuff,” Eric Nadel said. “We’re expecting to increase the number of prepacked items in 2020 and move away from bulk. Making this move from the polystyrene will help increase it.”

Another initiative Paterson Pickle will look to push through in 2020 is getting more automated, with costs of labor going up.

“We are hoping to add a couple of new products to our product line. One is Kabocha Squash,” Eric Nadel said. “We also partnered with Ryeco in the Philadelphia Wholesale Market, and that partnership has allowed us to use their sales and logistics to increase volume in Philadelphia, Delaware and Maryland areas.”