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Mushroom Council launches #AMushroomADay for Mushroom Month

Known for its innovative and successful promotions and initiatives, the Redwood Shores, CA-based Mushroom Council launched its #MushroomADay campaign for the month of September, which is National Mushroom Month.

Amy Wood, public relations specialist for the Mushroom Council, said the organization had a social media campaign, hashtag #MushroomADay all month touting the various ways consumers can eat more mushrooms every day.

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year,” said Wood. “From the rich, meaty texture to the undeniable umami flavor and great nutritional perks, there’s a lot to love about the mighty mushroom. We celebrated all month long by eating at least one every day.”

2valls mushroom 0306 The Council issued a press release and posted consumer information on its website,, to share all the exciting ideas for the #MushroomADay program, which have reached consumers across the country via media coverage, social media and word of mouth.

“Mushrooms for breakfast. Mushrooms for lunch. Mushrooms for dinner,” said Eric Davis, media relations representative for the Mushroom Council. “Mushrooms aren’t just a special topping — they’re a staple that makes a meal better, any time of day, every day. To celebrate mushrooms’ brilliant flavor, multiple health benefits and culinary uses, the Mushroom Council and its members devoted the month to showcasing how anyone can enjoy a #MushroomADay.”

The month-long campaign underscored mushrooms as a kitchen staple, rather than a special topping.

“Mushrooms should be a fixture on grocery lists, and we set out to prove it during Mushroom Month,” said Bart Minor, president and chief executive officer of the Mushroom Council. “We are grateful for the many influencers and organizations that are partnering with us to help reveal how mushrooms are part of the answer for any meal.”

The Council also continued its strong and successful The Blend initiative. This cooking technique combines chopped mushrooms with ground meat to make meals more delicious, nutritious and sustainable.

“The Blend can be used in all recipes, including burgers, tacos, meatloaf, lasagna, pasta sauce, meatballs and more,” said Wood.

The Blend has swept across the country reaching foodservice operators and consumers alike. Producers and suppliers have also engaged in The Blend movement by developing chopped and pre-blended options for their customers.

In July, the Council announced that blended burgers are now on menus in foodservice operations in all 50 states.

It also announced the winning blended burger recipe in July. The $25,000 award went to Rachel Johnson of Austin, TX, for her pork and shiitake larb burger, which blended finely diced shiitake mushrooms with ground pork.

The Council also continues to partner with the James Beard Foundation in its Blended Burger Project. This year was the fifth year the contest was held, and five restaurants across the country were named winners, which each receiving $5,000.

The entire mushroom industry is appreciative of the strong promotional initiatives the Council develops, especially as mushroom prices are expected to increase this season.

In mid-August, American Mushroom Institute President Rachel Roberts, said a combination of issues contributing to the rising prices include climate volatility, continued labor issues, changes in consumer preferences and transportation expenses.

This culmination resulting in price increases comes at a bad time of the year as the mushroom industry is preparing for its busy fall holiday season, when mushroom demand increases by 30-40 percent.

“Growers have worked to absorb the additional costs,” said Roberts. “The landscape has shifted, and growers are currently experiencing a perfect storm of multiple factors that are causing increased production costs.”

Some producers have reported that price increases of as much as five percent are expected.