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Nash Produce showcasing sweet potatoes at NEPC

Thomas Webb and Don Sparks, sales associates for Nashville, NC-based Nash Produce, will be heading to the annual New England Produce Council Expo later this month and both are excited to reconnect with old faces and eager to connect with new ones.Two-Bunched-1

“At the NEPC show, we want to highlight our sweet potatoes to personnel from both retail and foodservice areas,” said Rebecca Scott, the company’s new grower accounting and marketing manager. “We offer three varieties of sweet potatoes as well as multiple forms of packaging to exceed each area’s needs. With all of the different combinations and our team’s readiness to discuss private labeling, our strategy is to let the ‘taters’ talk for themselves.”

Behind Booth No. 209, the company will highlight Nash Produce’s quality sweet potatoes in addition to having a display of a variety of packaging options available. There will be Covington, Murasaki and O’ Henry Bonita varieties for attendees to view.

“NEPC allows us to have the opportunity to meet face to face with both retail and foodservice personnel,” Scott said. “While the use of email and phone call conversations may work for brief dialogues, we truly want to get to know our customers, both new and returning, and form relationships that continue for many years.”

The company prides itself on providing locally grown sweet potatoes to customers and even though its potatoes travel all over the world, every potato that it packs comes from local family farms that are just minutes away in neighboring counties.

“We look forward to telling our story to NEPC attendees,” Scott said. “We’ll also be talking about our 2019 crop projections and assuring our customers that Nash Produce will continue to meet our customers’ commitments.”

Nash Produce’s dedicated group of growers are gearing up for harvest and those at the company are excited to be able to show new and returning customers the final product in the near future.

“We are always looking to grow and are continually looking for new opportunities to partner with companies seeking a trusted year-round supplier,” Scott said. “We have more storage space than ever before and are excited to be able to provide a consistent supply of quality North Carolina sweet potatoes all year long.”

Despite bad weather last year, Nash Produce’s supply has remained steady. The Southeastern region experienced two hurricanes last year that impacted some growers but those around the company are hopeful Mother Nature will be fair to growers that are beginning to harvest the 2019 crop.

Those at Nash Produce are paying attention to industry trends and see consumer interest in wanting to know more about their food and that’s changing the way the company is looking at marketing.

“We pride ourselves on the unique aspect that we are owned by the same growers that supply us sweet potatoes,” Scott said. “Even though our products travel all over the world, all of the potatoes we have come from farmers in neighboring counties.”

Elsewhere around the company, Nash Produce has expanded its Mr. Yam label.

“Mr. Yam can already be spotted on mesh bagging and other value-added products, but now you can find him on our 40-pound boxes as well,” Scott said.

“Keep a look out for our rather dapper looking friend in retail and foodservice locations near you.”