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Epic Produce shipping storage Colorado potatoes until new deal

National potato supplies were warranting a strong late-summer storage deal, as the industry moved toward the start of a new fresh Colorado potato harvest, Art Miller indicated in mid-August.

Miller, who is the owner of Epic Produce Sales LLC in Phoenix, said the acreage is down this year, and the size profile is smaller than normal, “which may ease the price,” for the spuds, he said. Depending on the field, Miller expects demand for large counts of 40, 50, 60 and 70, but filling those orders will be tough. He said the Colorado deal is seven- to ten-days behind normal because of late planting and wet conditions.

The quality of the crop is good.

Normally in August, Epic ships potatoes out of Kansas and Nebraska in August, but market conditions were allowing Colorado’s storage potato crop to be shipped until the new deal. “The market keeps bumping up as we’re running out of potatoes.”

Epic will be shipping its Epic label again this season.

Miller said Colorado growers will move some of their crop immediately into storage while some freshly-harvested potato will go straight into the fresh market.

“I like stored potatoes better. The skin gets set. We dry and ship.”

Most of Epic’s potato business is for export to Mexico, although the firm can supply the domestic market.