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Proprietary grape varieties, organic fruit highlight Sunview’s fall lineup

With several proprietary grape varieties, along with good supplies of organic grapes, persimmons, and pomegranates, Delano, CA-based Sunview Marketing International is well positioned from late summer through the fall.

Mitch Wetzel, vice president of sales, recently laid out the company’s offerings in that time period, listing its new Sweet Carnival proprietary grape as its main headliner. “This is our newest proprietary variety,” he said. “It tastes like a famous carnival treat you remember from your childhood. We will have promotable volumes through October.”

Wetzel noted that the fall is a very busy time for Sunview as it will have promotable volumes for all of its varieties. “During September and October, we will have our red seedless varieties, our proprietary variety Gem, Allison, and Scarlet Royal. In green seedless, we will have our proprietary brands of Stella Bella and Sorella Bella, as well as Timpson and Great Green, and we will be starting Autumn King in October. We will also have Autumn Royal black seedless grapes.”

SunviewStellaFall is an excellent time for retail promotions of fresh table grapes, according to Mitch Wetzel, vice president of sales for Sunview. The party doesn’t end there. Sunview will also have a robust lineup of organic fruit. “In organic grapes during this timeframe, our customers can choose from Rosa, Magenta, Timco, Allison, Scarlet Royal and Crimson red seedless grape varieties,” he said. “In green seedless grapes, we will be offering Stella Bella, Great Green and we will be starting Autumn King in October. In addition, we will have organic Sweet Carnival grapes as well as black seedless grapes.”

Fall is an excellent time for retail promotions of fresh table grapes, according to Wetzel. He said the grower-shipper works very closely with its retail partners to make sure they can take advantage of these promotional opportunities, which will feature good consistent supplies with excellent quality.

“Retailers are very enthusiastic about our full line of grapes and view them as cornerstones of a successful California grape season,” he said. “There will be promotional opportunities every week through Thanksgiving.”

Wetzel noted that overall there would be promotable supplies of many varieties, but the proprietary varieties can add tremendous value for any retailer. “In working with our retail partners, we both feel strongly that California grapes, including propriety varieties, can be a boost to total category sales in the fall,” he said. “Consumers are constantly looking for new experiences and flavors when it comes to the food that they eat. Sunview has some incredible proprietary varieties available in the marketplace. We look forward to a great season and the positive trends to continue. Our customers and consumers have given us great feedback so far.”

He added that the fall, especially late fall, is one of the firm’s strongest marketing periods. “We anticipate good supplies of organic grapes all the way through mid -December and maybe even some fruit for Christmas,” he said.

On the organic front, Sunview can offer additional opportunities for retailers, as all of its persimmons and pomegranates are certified organic. The company expects to start shipping these two fall favorites during the first week of October.

“We will have good supplies and promotable volumes through the first of December,” he said. “For persimmons, we grow and pack both Fuyu and Hachiya varieties and for pomegranates we grow and pack the Wonderful variety. Weather has been great for both of these fruits. We anticipate excellent quality fruit this season with good volume.”

These two fruits get special attention by Sunview as they are hand-picked and packed in the orchards, which ensures optimal quality and consistent sizing. Each piece of fruit is individually stickered with a PLU number.

Wetzel said the growth in organic fruits and vegetables continues to climb and is driving Sunview’s efforts in that arena. “The overall positive trends in organic produce are also affecting the volumes for organic persimmons and pomegranates,” he said. “More and more consumers are looking for organic produce. Consumers think of persimmons and pomegranates as upscale or high end, and they are very passionate about these special fruits.”