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ScanTech Sciences brings pest and pathogen control to Rio Grande Valley

mcallen, tx — A new postharvest food treatment center is slated to open in the Rio Grande Valley in early 2018.

The McAllen facility will feature ScanTech Sciences’ proprietary Electronic Cold-Pasteurization technology, which will treat fresh produce traveling between the United States and Mexico.

ECP can eliminate up to 99 percent of bacteria and pathogens, including listeria, salmonella, and E. coli. The process is approved by USDA, FDA and fully complies with the Food Safety Modernization Act.

ECP “is a clean alternative to outdated post-harvest treatments such as methyl bromide or hot water treatment, and results in pest sterilization, pathogen reduction, and shelf-life extension,” according to Jaymie Forrest, chief commercial officer and chief supply chain officer for ScanTech Sciences, Inc.

The Rio Grande Valley ECP Center is ScanTech Sciences’ the first food treatment facility. The firm is planning for similar facilities near ports of entry in strategic locations. The new treatment protocol will play a major role in opening new export markets for commodities that were formerly banned for export due to pest infestation.

ScanTech Sciences plans to treat fresh commodities, including berries, citrus, stone fruit, dry and fresh herbs, fresh-cut produce, bagged salads, dry vegetables, leafy greens, and root vegetables.

ScanTech Sciences’ ECP treatment is part of an integrated program that includes logistics services such as expediting border crossing and USDA processes, product traceability, and smart palletizing along with information services such as document management and shipment visibility.