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Kurt Zuhlke & Associates looking forward to another CPMA Convention & Trade Show

Kurt Zuhlke & Associates, headquartered in Bangor, PA, will once again showcase the company’s full line of packaging products at the Canadian Produce Marketing Association Annual Convention & Trade Show, May 9-11, in Toronto.

Company President Kurt Zuhlke will be on hand to meet and greet with attendees at Booth No. 838 during the show.

In addition to presenting its full line of Polyethylene Terephthalate, commonly called PET, recycled packaging and its other packing products, Zuhlke will be discussing the increasing requests from customers for customized packaging.

“Last year we built a division specifically for growers who want exclusivity in their packaging,” explained Zuhlke. “This is financially beneficial for them when the cost of fuel — which affects the production of packaging — is at a low. We customize the thermaform shape and size in specifically designed clamshells for their exclusive use.”

Thermoforming is a manufacturing process where the PET sheet is heated to a pliable forming temperature, formed to a specific shape in a mold, and trimmed to create a usable product.

“PET is commonly recycled from soft drink bottles and injection molded into consumer product containers,” said Zuhlke.

“When recycled, it is used in many applications besides packaging, such as in carpeting, clothing, automobile parts and is even used to manufacture trash and recycling containers,” Zuhlke added.

He added that people want high-quality products today, but at the same time they are totally tuned into the environment.

Customers also want good service. These elements are the top priorities for Kurt Zuhlke & Associates. Its priority has always been to service its customers and to ship on time.

Zuhlke said he always looks forward to the CPMA expo.

“The CPMA convention committee does an outstanding job of putting this expo together every year,” he said. “They organize programs that enable exhibitors and visitors alike to intermingle on a social as well as business level. The venues are always held in friendly atmospheres.”

The company does strong business in Canada, and Zuhlke said true to Canadian’s “nice” reputation, professionals there are upbeat, well organized, personable and yes, also very nice.

“Toronto always good for us because we’re more situated for East Coast business,” noted Zuhlke. “And we like the city. There are a lot of great restaurants and many things to do for entertainment.”

Kurt Zuhlke & Associates continually works on research and development to provide the produce industry the newest, most innovative packaging products to meet the industry’s always evolving needs. And retailers look to the company for packaging they feel will benefit them in their produce departments.

“Retailers like to see what is available and what is coming in the future,” said Zuhlke. “They attend the CPMA show and visit our booth. They then go back to their suppliers and request what they’ve seen. This happens quite commonly, and it’s a win-win for everyone.”