Concord Foods expects strong sales this Cinco de Mayo

Concord Foods, LLC, operating in Brockton, MA, is a leading supplier of retail food products and custom ingredients to nationally recognized supermarkets, food service operators and leading food manufacturers.

Samantha McCaul, marketing manager for the company, said Cinco de Mayo is an important time for Concord Foods and according to Forbes, Americans eat 81 million pounds of avocados on Cinco de Mayo.

freshsuccess “Sales spike during Cinco de Mayo for avocados and companion products such as guacamole mix,” she said. “Concord Foods has a lot of products that are popular during Cinco de Mayo, such as Guacamole Mix (mild, extra spicy & authentic), Salsa Seasoning Mix (mild & hot) and our new Street Taco Mix.”

Attention-getting floor displays are available for produce departments and McCaul noted that this is the perfect year for stores to showcase these products.

“Because of the outbreak of COVID-19, we expect that more people will be celebrating Cinco De Mayo at home this year, which will lead to higher retail sales,” she said. “Cinco de Mayo is a celebration of Mexican-American culture. This holiday is a lot of fun. Americans eat a lot of avocados and guacamole dip on Cinco de Mayo, which is something to celebrate.”

For increasing sales, she recommends stores should focus on creating prominent and attention-getting displays, which will cause consumers to spend more time in the produce departments and spend more dollars.

Concord Foods success on the holiday can be attributed to high-quality, flavorful products that consumers love.

Another key, McCaul shared, is in how the products are merchandised in produce.

“All our products are made using a fresh vegetable or fruit,” she said. “In produce departments, you’ll find our products displayed with the fresh component. For example, Guacamole Mix will be displayed with the avocados. This adds great value and convenience for consumers.”

The company has seen demand grown for Concord’s Guacamole Mix recently, which McCaul attributes to the popularity of the avocado because guacamole has become popular on restaurant menus allowing American’s to fall in love with the dip.

“In regards to the popularity of avocados, Americans devour seven pounds of avocado per person each year, compared to one pound on average back in 1989,” she said. “Per capita consumption of avocados has tripled since the early 2000s, according to the USDA.”

Last year was a strong year for Concord Foods. With 83 percent market share according to IRI Mulo Outlet, Total US Dec. 2019, the company led the market with exceptional seasoning and smoothie mixes in the produce department.

“We launched three new products in 2019 which includes, Buffalo Cauliflower Seasoning Mix, Garlic & Parmesan Sauce for Veggie Noodles and the Street Taco Mix,” McCaul said.

Following the COVID-19 outbreak, demand for food products is high and the company is adjusting to the market and producing to meet customer demands.  

“We have several new products launching in 2020 such as the Chiquita Banana Pop Kit and a Caramel Apple Crisp Mix,” McCaul said. “The banana pop product was launched in January 2020 and is off to a fantastic start.”

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