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Kwik Lok increases sustainable measures

As the global market leader in bag closures, the produce industry is very important to Kwik Lok Corp., as it’s one of two major segments the Union Gap, WA-based company serves.

“We have closures that work for almost any type of bag up to 100 pounds,” said Ron L. Cardey, vice president of sales and marketing, for Kwik Lok Corp.

The company’s GFSI certified closure systems allow customers to use one of its printers to either print or laser code on the closure and/or the label.

Link-plus-close-up-asparagusKwik Lok’s new Fresh Start initiative includes products and process improvements that are designed to help lower the carbon footprint of its products.Kwik Lok is owned by third-generation family leadership with a vision to drive greater sustainability in the industry and a desire for its products to be known as reliable. Its labels allow for coding and traceability along with branding and promotion and Kwik Lok customers report an increase in sales. For instance, Bouyer SCEA Ocean reported a 10 percent increase in carrot profits and was able to open in new markets as a result of using the label and the Kwik Lok’s Kwik Link closure system.

“Our closures are reusable and recyclable. When a challenge comes up, our staff helps our customers find solutions,” Cardey said. “Kwik Lok is a leader in helping customers reduce food loss through safe food storage. We provide a practical, time-saving way to keep food fresh, manage shelf life and trace food sources.”

Kwik Lok continues to innovate in new areas of the produce industry. For example, its new Kwik Link solution provides an opportunity for coding, branding and promotion with less packaging.

“With the need to downsize packaging, we believe our Kwik Link is a terrific solution for the produce market,” Cardey said. “In addition, we are currently launching our first sustainable lok. Kwik Lok aims to transition the industry toward a sustainable future through innovation.”

The company’s new Fresh Start initiative includes new products and process improvements that are designed to help lower the carbon footprint of its products and its turnkey closure system is scalable to a customer’s needs.

“The new sustainable lok will have the same quality and rigidity, is re-useable and can be printed upon the same way as previous Kwik Lok,” Cardey said. “The sustainable lok features a blend of biopolymers and polyethylene called NuPlastiQ to create the same quality product with 50 percent less fossil fuels needed in the manufacturing process.”

In 2019, Kwik Lok will remain committed to evolving its business practices to protect people and the planet, and will focus on maintaining and improving the environment around it plants and contributing to safe places for families to live and work.

“We are committed to reducing our climate footprint, aiming to reduce energy usage by 20 percent by 2025 across our buildings and facilities,” Cardey said. “Since 2016, we have saved 1,257,140 kWh, even while adding climate control to make workers more comfortable. With the implementation of the sustainable lok using NuPlastiQ, we are ushering in the next phase of our commitment to provide the best possible closure systems while reducing the impact on the environment.”