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Making kids' healthy eating habits stick with StickyLickits

StickyLickits has launched all-natural edible stickers to inspire kids to eat more produce, make it fun and encourage healthy eating habits. Children can now enjoy eating and exploring new fruits and veggies by decorating them with sugar-free StickyLickits, which feature some of Nickelodeon's beloved animated characters, including SpongeBob SquarePants and PAW Patrol.spongebob-Packaging

For too long, getting kids to enjoy eating healthy has been a huge challenge for parents. StickyLickits help parents add a lot of fun to snack time and are designed for busy families and solve parents No. 1 health concern: getting kids to eat more produce. StickyLickits are a must-have for school lunch boxes and are fun to include at snack and meal times, birthday parties and trick or treat hand-outs.

Linda York, StickyLickits founder and chief executive officer, was inspired to develop a natural, edible and fun solution for children to eat more fruits and veggies, not just at mealtime, but to snack on throughout the day.

“StickyLickits encourages kids to have fun with fruit and veggies which is a way of creating a healthy, new eating habit,” said York.

Fruits and vegetables are loaded with the nutrients kids need to grow, be strong and healthy and perform well in school. StickyLickits encourages kids to consume more powerhouse fruits and veggies by making it fun, as kids love stickers and they love crafts.