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Kurt Zuhlke & Associates continues commitment to environmentally sustainable packaging and practices

Bangor, PA-based Kurt Zuhlke & Associates Inc. is a leading packaging advocate of environmentally sustainable practices, and he has designed and developed some of the most highly accepted packaging products known in the produce industry today.

The company uses PETE, an abbreviation for Polyethylene Terephthalate, in the majority of its packaging items.

“PETE is commonly recycled from soft drink bottles and injection molded consumer product containers,” said Kurt Zuhlke Jr., company president.

IMG 1828Kurt Zuhlke, president of Kurt Zuhlke & Associates, with his daughter Angela at last year’s Southeast Regional Fruit & Vegetable Conference.“When recycled, it is used in many applications besides packaging, such as in carpeting, clothing, automobile parts and is even used to manufacture trash and recycling containers,” he continued. “It’s important to maintain the circle of recycling in an effort to keep these materials out of landfills as much as possible.”

He added that people want high-quality products today, but at the same time they are totally tuned into the environment. Even internal sustainability initiatives run deep at Kurt Zuhlke & Associates.

“But customers also want good service,” he pointed out. “These elements are the top priorities for us. Our priority has always been to service our customers and to ship on time.”

Kurt Zuhlke & Associates was started over 55 years ago by Kurt Zuhlke, Sr. Through his hard work and dedication he made Kurt Zuhlke & Associates, Inc. a leader in the produce packaging industry. Along with the help and support of Kurt’s wife, Frieda, Kurt Zuhlke & Associates, Inc. continued to grow and meet the needs of the ever changing produce industry.

As the business grew, Kurt Zuhlke, Jr. joined the business. In the following years they were joined by Kurt Jr.’s wife, Cindy, and many dedicated employees.

Kurt, Jr. added earth-friendly ideas, new designs and a renewed dedication to the industry. As the produce industry began to change with the times, Kurt Zuhlke & Associates did too. was developed, and changes were being made to meet the needs of the consumer, retailer, repacker and supplier.

“Our customers are across the produce board,” explained Zuhlke. “Many growers and suppliers use them to pack according to their customers’ specifications, but many retailers today repack at the store level in order to customize their offerings. This means that all levels of the industry are important to us.”

Zuhlke exhibits at nearly a dozen trade events each year. He will be at the Canadian Produce Marketing Association’s Convention and Trade Show in Toronto on May 9-11.

“As we do in the U.S., we do a lot of business in Canada,” said Zuhlke. “We enjoy this event because Canadians are always upbeat, professional, well organized and very personable.”

The company will display its full line of clamshells, liners, films, corrugated materials and other packaging options at the CPMA event.