Hey fungi, what's your sign?

If you are a Gemini, your ideal mushroom variety is Yellow Oyster, creative and vibrant. Aries? You are a Portabella, ambitious and bold. This January, the Mushroom Council is asking, “What’s Your Mushroom Horoscope?” and encouraging fans to discover their 2020 mushroom sign based on their corresponding zodiac.fungi

The fun, playful social media campaign will feature a blog post, social media content, graphics and more. Each mushroom sign has a unique personality description and 2020 horoscope along with a recipe recommendation to inspire the culinary use of mushrooms. The predominant graphic is the recognizable zodiac wheel, matching up each sign to a mushroom variety or The Blend.

  • Aquarius, Beech: Innovative & Versatile
  • Pisces, Oyster: Delicate & Mystical
  • Aries, Portabella: Ambitious & Bold
  • Taurus, Crimini: Joyful & Reliable
  • Gemini, Yellow Oyster: Creative & Vibrant
  • Cancer, Enoki: Sweet & Emotional
  • Leo, Maitake: Adventurous & Unique
  • Virgo, Shiitake: Practical & Intense
  • Libra, The Blend: Harmony & Balance
  • Scorpio, Trumpet: Happy & Energetic
  • Sagittarius, Pink Oyster: Dreamy & Whimsical
  • Capricorn, White Button: Classic & Loyal

The Council and its members will promote the campaign through social media properties, blog posts and email newsletters throughout January.

“We wanted to begin the new year with a fresh way to inspire fans to discover mushroom varieties they may not be as familiar with and even try out a new recipe,” said Bart Minor, president and chief executive officer of the Mushroom Council. “We expect our digital audiences — whether they are ‘delicate and mystical’ Pisces or ‘classic and loyal’ Capricorns — will have fun determining whether their designated mushroom reflects their personalities.”

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