United Fresh urges swift action to ratify USMCA

With the Dec. 10 announcement that an agreement has been reached between the Trump administration, Mexico and Canada, along with Democrats in Congress, the final step can now move forward with a vote by Congress to ratify the agreement.

Parties to the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) form one of the most robust and dynamic trading blocs in the world with 14 million jobs associated with trade between these countries. For fresh fruits and vegetables, Mexico and Canada are viewed as top U.S. trading partners. United Fresh supports this agreement and ask Congress to move swiftly in its passage.

“International trade is a critical business tool throughout the entire supply chain of the fresh produce industry,” said Tom Stenzel, president and chief executive officer of United Fresh. “Most importantly with consumers demanding year-round access to fresh produce, we need the certainty of a strong USMCA agreement. United Fresh has always supported free and fair trade globally seeking to open markets to U.S. products while ensuring equivalent access for foreign products to the United States.”

Once the agreement is sent to Congress for a vote, Congress has 90 congressional days (45 House and 45 Senate) to consider USMCA. This will be an up or down vote and cannot be amended by Congress once it is submitted.

“With so much uncertainty in Washington, DC, these days, we urge Congress to act swiftly and in a bipartisan manner to pass this important agreement. Every day this agreement is not ratified further creates uncertainty with our most valuable trading partners,” Stenzel stated.

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