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Ahold Delhaize ranked among sustainability leaders

The 2018 Dow Jones Sustainability World Index ranked Ahold Delhaize among the industry leaders in the Food and Staples Retailing sector for the third consecutive year.dow

Ahold Delhaize achieved an overall score of 72 out of a 100, well above the sector average score of 35. Within the industry, Ahold Delhaize was particularly recognized for health and nutrition, operational eco-efficiency and occupational health and safety.

The score on health and wellness underlines the continued focus of Ahold Delhaize and its brands on promoting healthier eating to customers. "We track our progress through a target unique in the industry: aiming to have 50 percent of own-brand sales coming from nutritious products in 2020," the company said in a statement. "Also, the recognition for our progress in reducing carbon emissions is encouraging. Our collective aim is to further reduce the CO2 emissions per square meter of sales area to 30 percent by 2020 compared to our 2008 baseline."

Ahold Delhaize said its sustainable retailing strategy focuses on where it can make the biggest impact in both its brands and society across its local brands in the United States, Europe and Indonesia. "Increasing vitality through healthier food, reducing food waste and running an inclusive business is where we choose to make the difference," according to Ahold Delhaize.

The DJSI World tracks the performance of the world’s leading companies against economic, environmental and social criteria. It is an important barometer to measure sustainable retailing performance and progress.