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Heat up pear sales with kid-size fruit

As hot summer temperatures drop around the country, retailers can expect the pear category to heat up significantly this fall with a larger pear crop coming off the tree in a range of sizes. Stemilt Growers is encouraging retailers to boost their pear category now by using branded products, like Lil Snappers kid-size fruit, to increase sales and rate of pear consumption.Stemilt-LilSnappers-Bartlett-3lb

“Harvest is under way on the 2018-19 pear crop and the new season is already presenting itself with great promotion opportunities,” said Brianna Shales, communications manager at Stemilt. “Pear volumes are up significantly over last year’s crop, with a great range of sizing to fuel both bulk and bag promotions. Retailers who carry Lil Snappers pears can boost category performance by selling more volume and marketing intent to a key shopper group in their stores.”

Stemilt’s Lil Snappers kid-size fruit program has grown tremendously since its launch in 2011 and continues to do so with its wide variety of pears available today. Available in an organic two-pound and conventional three-pound pouch bag, retailers can currently promote conventional or organic Lil Snappers pears in both the Bartlett and Starkrimson varieties. D’Anjou and Bosc will come into the mix following harvest this month.

“These popular summer varieties are eating exceptional this year, and Lil Snappers focus on kids can help retailers promote healthy kids snacks throughout the school year,” said Shales.

Shales also suggests that carrying pouch bags in store will help boost impulse purchases and purchase size by selling more volume. The average pear consumer purchases less than three pounds in bulk during a store visit, making the three-pound pouch bag larger than the average bulk purchase size. The Lil Snappers brand is also nationally recognized and supported by various public relation efforts, including influencers, bloggers and targeted social media ads.

“Tapping into the power of influencers and bloggers in key markets is extremely beneficial for the brand,” said Shales. “Those influencers reach parents via authentic, word-of-mouth recommendations, helping us create brand awareness around Lil Snappers and giving parents another healthy snack option for their kids.”

Lil Snappers kid-size pears aim to please the parent consumer thanks to their convenient packaging and resealable press-to-close bag. They have the capability to stand up on their own in the refrigerator and designed to catch the eye of the consumer — no matter how young or old. The bright colors, playful characters and wide variety of flavors encourage consumers to grab a pear for a healthy treat.

Lil Snappers bags come packed in Lil Snappers DRCs, making display building instant and effective for retailers. Shales suggests that retailers should place these easy-to-make displays in high-traffic areas to encourage impulse purchases and increase brand recognition in store. Retailers also have the option to use Stemilt’s display bin or lane table, both of which create a high graphic, visually stimulating display within the product department.

“Lil Snappers pears are the perfect item to carry this fall,” said Shales. “The retailer will push volumes and increase pear sales, while parent consumers can offer another healthy snack option for their kids. How can you go wrong with that?”