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Honeydew, the money melon, off to a Super Starr-t

Super Starr International enters a new season of production with a high volume of sweet, refreshing honeydews available now until April. With the brand’s Fair Trade Certification, people can expect to continuously receive excellent products backed by sustainable practices from Super Starr.starr

Grown in the fertile soil of Tecomán, Mexico, the Super Starr honeydew melons receive adequate exposure to sunshine and nutrient-rich volcanic soil to grow some of the sweetest fruits. This season, Super Starr honeydew melons are large in size and full of crisp, fresh flavor.

“We’ve had a really good start to the new year with a solid supply of high quality melons,” said Lance Peterson, third-generation farmer of the Super Starr brand and president at Super Starr International. “We’re also proud to announce that we are Fair Trade Certified and plan on maintaining our commitment to provide quality products with sustainable practices.”

Honeydew melons make a refreshing treat and deliver iron, vitamin C, B vitamins and essential nutrients that can revive immune systems to ward of seasonal allergies and common colds. Naturally a fat-free product, honeydew melons pair well with other fruits and make great additions to fruit salads, smoothies, drinks and cocktails.

Super Starr grows, pack, and sells honeydew melon, watermelon, papaya and Maradol papaya throughout the year.