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Natural Grocers expands its footprint in Texas

nautralNatural Grocers will open two new stores in the Dallas-Fort Worth area in early 2018. The first store will open on Jan. 24 in Keller and the second will open Feb. 7 in North Fort Worth. Natural Grocers, which provides the community with access to the highest-quality organic and natural groceries at affordable prices, currently operates 21 stores in Texas.

"Every product we sell in our stores is sold for a reason and purpose, and not just because it sells," said Kemper Isely, Natural Grocers' co-president. "We sell only organic produce because it is healthier and more nutritious for our customers and the growing of organics is better for our planet. No other grocery store can say this. We believe that our standards resonate with customers and people looking for healthier food choices at affordable prices, and we believe that the residents of the Dallas-Fort Worth market are looking for this choice."

Natural Grocers offers 100-percent organic produce, naturally-raised meats (with no antibiotics and no growth promotors ever), 100-percent free-range eggs, 100-percent pasture-based dairy, non-GMO prepackaged bulk products, groceries that don't contain any artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners or preservatives.