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Red hearts and Pink Lady apples for Valentine’s Day

Loaded with love, Pink Lady apples are the ideal apple for February Valentine’s Day promotion. The bright pink hue along with a sweet tart flavor creates the ideal merchandising

Pink Lady apples, also known as Cripps Pink, are one of the rising stars of the apple industry, steadily holding sixth place in top nationwide apples. Category data shows that Pink Lady is up 3.4 percent in dollars versus last year, and up 8 percent in volume (IRI data through Nov. 5, 2017.

Pink Lady apples, with their blush pink skin create an ideal merchandising opportunity. The bright sweettart flavor with hints of honey and butter, and subtle acidic finish pair well with savory ingredients such as onion, chili, pink peppercorns, and cheese. Among cheese, milder types such as Monterey Jack and creamy cheeses such as Boursin pair well with Pink Lady apples. Rosé wine, known for bright fruity flavors, pair well with Pink Lady apples. Retailers should cross merchandise for a pink prominent display.

The Pink Lady is a rising star at Superfresh Growers and is slated for more than 50 percent growth for both organic and conventional over the next five years. They are available year-round in both two-pound organic pouch bags and three-pound conventional pouch bags.