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Exciting pear promos pave the way for Oneonta

After a near-perfect growing season, Oneonta Starr Ranch Growers’ pear harvest in the Pacific Northwest is done for the season, and the fruit being packed is generating excitement with both retailers and consumers across the nation.oneontaDiamond-pears

According to Dan Wohlford, Oneonta national sales representative, the crew at Diamond Starr Growers is now shipping Bartletts, Red and Green Anjous, Comice, Seckels, Bosc and Forelles.

“The fruit has sized perfectly. One thing that was a benefit to the Hood River Valley growing region this year was the size,” Wohlford said. “We were fortunate to see a good crop of 90 and larger sized fruit in our main varieties of Bartlett, D’Anjou and Bosc, as well as a nice balance of smaller sizes for bag promotions. Our crop is also one of the cleanest crops we have seen in many years.”

Wohlford said several programs have been set up across the country and around the globe.

“We are seeing good results on our new one-pound Seckel bag programs this year,” he said. “We also have holiday programs being planned by retailers building displays with Diamond Starr Growers Red and Green Anjou’s ‘pear-ed’ in a four- or five-pound pouch bags, as well as individual two- and three-pound pouch bags for Christmas. Coupled with our ability to send pre-conditioned product that enables to consumer to have ready-to-eat pears, we are poised to help the retailer with great category success.”

He added, “Everything looks really terrific. We just shipped the last Starkrimson for the season, and our dessert pears — the Comice, Seckels and Forelles — are seeing movement really starting to pick up for the upcoming holiday seasons. This season has produced outstanding quality and taste and we are excited to see the category make traction and sales this season.”