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Tasteful Selections shaking things up

With consumers in mind, Tasteful Selections, a specialty potato brand from RPE Inc., has been busy developing and testing recipes to make its Take & Shake cups gluten-free. Tasteful Selections is eager to offer new black Take & Shake cups with gluten-free seasonings.Tasteful

Aimed for convenience, Take & Shake snack-sized cups are filled with fresh potatoes and an individual seasoning packet with one of four unique flavors. Each flavor provides a unique culinary experience and a reimagined potato product. These cups will satisfy cravings and provide a healthier option to on-the-go eating.

“We have listened to our consumers and are happy to offer a gluten-free option to our Take & Shake cups,” said Russell Wysocki, president and chief executive officer of RPE. “We have also changed the exterior cup color to black — minimizing light exposure to the fresh potatoes.”

Take & Shake cups are packed at the company's award-winning facility and use patented “micro porous” steam-release technology in order to deliver the best possible cooking results. A special two-way venting system allows the company to maximize shelf life and reduce waste/shrink in the supply chain.