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Wegmans focused on fresh flavors this fall

As the seasons begin to change, Wegmans is looking to share new innovations and fresh ideas to help consumers enjoy delicious, easy meals and more family time, and produce is taking center stage.

Veggie Purees
Available in carrot, cauliflower and zucchini basil, veggie purees are delicious way to love veggies. The purees are a blend of fresh veggies and herbs meant to be enjoyed as a side dish, a sauce or a recipe builder for soups, pastas and more. They are available in eight-ounce or 20-ounce options. Menu magazine includes 12 pages of great ideas for easy meals featuring veggie purees such as Cauli-fredo Pasta and Ready-to-Cook scallops. They are also included in new Power Meals and Chef’s Case Meals debuting this month.

Fruit Delight Yogurt
Available in strawberry, apple, mango, peach and raspberry, Fruit Delight is a serving of 2 percent Plain Organic Greek yogurt packaged with real organic fruit pieces ready to mix in — there’s nothing else like it in the dairy case. With three times the fruit and 25 percent less sugar than Wegmans 0% Greek Yogurt, this is a great option for anyone seeking a quick and healthy way to enjoy real fruit with their yogurt. Fruit Delight is available in 5.3-ounce cups in the dairy department.

Wegmans Organic Honeycrisp Apple Breakfast Bread
Made with real organic Honeycrisp apples, this bread contains six grams of protein and a half serving of whole grains per slice. It’s baked in the Wegmans Bakeshop in Rochester, NY, and has a sweet flavor.

Boo Kits
Bring your neighborhood together with this spooky surprise. Boo Kits including two treat buckets, shredded filler, two “we’ve been booed” tags and two instruction sheets will help you start a fun tradition this Halloween season. Fill the bucket with a special treat, leave it on a neighbor’s doorstep with a tag and instructions, ring the bell and then run! If your neighbors leave a treat for you, display a ghost tag on your door so everyone will know you’ve already been “boo-ed.”