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Chilean Citrus and WinCo Foods celebrate When life gives you lemons

The Chilean Citrus Committee recently kicked off its Summer Chilean Citrus season at WinCo Foods promoting Chilean lemons.IMG 2789

WinCo Foods, a 116-supermarket chain based in Boise, ID, ran a social media Instagram contest — When life gives you lemons, make ____________ ! — July 7-11. Followers had a chance to win a USB Juicer Cup by commenting on their favorite way to use Chilean lemons.

WinCo and the Chilean Citrus team promoted the company-wide contest and sampled lemon-mint-infused water at a California WinCo location on Saturday, July 8. Besides tasting delicious with its sweet and tangy flavor, the lemon water offers many health benefits, including  flavnoids, Vitamin C and potassium. The week of the promotion WinCo also posted Fruits from Chile's new mason jar lemon meringue pie recipe youtube video.

The team provided the social media contest entry forms and Chilean citrus recipes cards. Plus Chilean dancers, lemon and orange mascots posed for photos and handed out Fruits from Chile kids activity books.

The goal of the promotion was to create consumer awareness that citrus is coming from Chile during the summer and early fall months. Chile’s citrus season runs June thru October and is expected to export close to 250,000 tons of lemons, Navels, clementines and mandarins this year. Chile is one of the largest exporters of Navels and easy-peelers to North America.