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Kingdom Fresh utilizing social media to reach buyers, consumers

DONNA, TX — Capitalizing on social media to educate consumers on its tomato products, Kingdom Fresh Farms has recently released a series of fun videos.Perfect-Slice

Kingdom Fresh General Manager Guillermo Martinez worked with a Mexican production company to create the concepts and generate the final piece. When The Produce News met with Martinez in mid-May, the firm had completed videos promoting its organic grape tomatoes and its vine ripe tomatoes.

The videos are on the firm’s Facebook page at:

In June, the firm, which does business as Kingdom Fresh Produce Inc., will release its third and fourth videos. These will promote Roma and conventional tomatoes.

Animated tomato narrators are cheerful, clever and clear in delivering simple and convincing messages.

The target audience for the video is “quasi-consumer,” Martinez said. Specifically, Kingdom Fresh targets consumers in “areas where our buyers are located.”

Martinez said Kingdom Fresh has two tomato shipping peaks each year. One runs from mid-April through June and the second is from mid-October through December. But the firm ships tomatoes 12 months a year.

Kingdom Fresh is headquartered in Torreon, Coahuila, where the firm has 400 acres of tomato production, which brings the spring and fall production peaks. Kingdom Fresh also has 12-month tomato production on 150 acres in high-elevation Tehuacan, Puebla.

“We will expand there,” he said. “It makes sense to grow where you can have production year-round.”

Kingdom Fresh also has associated growers in Sinaloa and San Luis Potosi.

By focusing on the tomato business, Martinez noted, “We concentrate on what we do best.”

“We are one of the only tomato growers that works exclusively with local personnel,” Alberto Gonzalez, chief executive officer of Kingdom Fresh, said in explaining what sets the company apart from its competition.

Kingdom Fresh helps develop the communities where it has its farms. And its workers go to their own homes every night.

“When we settle the company in a growing area,” Gonzalez said, “we think about where we’re going to get the people. It avoids some headaches and it certainly helps the community. We have school buses that pick up our workers free of cost. Some of them live an hour away.”

Martinez said Kingdom Fresh Farms was established in 2003, and that “it is not family-run. We have very capable people who are experts in their field.”