Seald Sweet launches Kiddie Clem citrus packaging

In full swing with its summer citrus season, Seald Sweet has launched its Kiddie Clems line of packaging for its easy-to-peel clementines. The new high-graphic packaging with colorful, kid-friendly graphics is the next move following the success of the company's "Mandarina’s" brand sweet Mandarins packaging, which was launched in the summer of 2014.kiddie-clems

Seald Sweet is currently packing early-season shipments for its 2015 summer citrus program in the label. While the "Mandarina’s" brand was developed for extra sweet, late-season varieties of Mandarins, the Kiddie Clems packaging is for the conventional varieties of clementines, which currently are much higher in volumes within the easy-peel Mandarin and clementine category.

“Consumption of this fruit continues to increase every year,” Peter Anderson, Seald Sweet’s imported citrus category manager, said in a press release. “Retailers continue to grow their clementine business and many have responded very favorably to this new label. It is bright, colorful and attractive, and it stands out on the shelf at the store level.

“The Kiddie Clem label has a ‘Tiny Treats for Tiny Sweets’ tag line, making it the perfect packaging for smaller-sized fruit," Anderson said. "Our customers have specifically mentioned how the really like that aspect of the packaging.”

The graphics of both Kiddie Clems and Mandarina’s labels are similar, with the new packaging connected by the Mandarina character along with another playmate. The packaging was specifically designed to appeal to children, further supporting Seald Sweet’s commitment, and the industry mission, to increase the consumption of fruit and vegetables among children.

As part of its summer citrus program, the new Kiddie Clems packaging is available through September, and Mandarina’s sweet Mandarins packaging is available August through October. Both labels are available during Seald Sweet’s winter easy-peeler programs as well, from November through April.

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