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Foxy comes East to host first EPC meeting of 2018

IMG 0580CARLSTADT, NJ – Proclaiming his affection for the New York area, based on his four years as a student-athlete at Cornell University, Tom Nunes V of Salinas, CA-based Nunes Co. welcomed attendees of the Eastern Produce Council’s first meeting of 2018, for which the Nunes Co. was the sponsor.

Nunes, known as T5, gave a brief background of his company, now in its fifth generation, from its fledgling days farming on 1,400 acres, to now, growing on 25,000 acres and operating in three states. Nunes said the company offers 40 SKUs of conventional product and another 40 of organic, marketed under the Foxy and Foxy Organic brands. Also at the meeting, EPC President Vic Savanello introduced members of the first EPC Leadership Program, designed to provide professional development experience for produce industry members with fewer than 10 years of experience.

Tom Beaver of the New Jersey Department of Agriculture, Bonnie Lundblad of Sunny Valley International and Al Murray of the New Jersey Farm Bureau and New Jersey Agricultural Society.