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Forever Fresh taps industry veteran to head national grape program

Industry veteran Vince Gambero has recently joined Forever Fresh LLC to head up its national grape category program and expand its West Coast operations.Vince-Gambero4

Forever Fresh — a vertically integrated sales and marketing company best known for its South American fruit programs that includes grapes, stone fruit, cherries, kiwifruit, citrus and apples — has tapped Gambero for his 30 years of experience in the industry.

In his new role at Forever Fresh, Gambero will be responsible for managing the company's new West Coast offices and expanding West Coast operations to include additional imports through the port of Los Angeles, as well as adding domestic products to their commodity mix.

Gambero will join existing team members to create new business opportunities for all Forever Fresh commodities. He will also draw on his deep knowledge of the grape category to manage and further develop program insights that will create new opportunities for Forever Fresh customers while building additional value for Forever Fresh grower-owners Verfrut and San Francisco.

“In a global marketplace it is important to focus on experience and talent in the sales department equal to that of our growers,” said Evan Myers, general manager of Forever Fresh. “Vince’s long tenure in the industry provides him with deep understanding of not just the grape category, but a variety of commodities that are critical for our success as we grow and expand our domestic and global footprint.”

“Forever Fresh represents new challenges, but also an opportunity to represent an outstanding group and family of growers that is focused on quality and building true partnerships with their customers — San Francisco and Verfrut represent the best of the best,” said Gambero.

After 30 years in produce, Gambero understands the demands of fresh produce and focuses his downtime on working out and staying in shape and spending time with his wife and three kids.