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Floral Pulse welcomes industry expert

Please join me in welcoming Melissa Jones to the Floral Pulse team as an industry expert, providing professional, customized service to our advertisers and readers.

melissaMelissa JonesIn the past three months, the Floral Pulse has grown tremendously in depth, content, relevancy, imagery, advertisers, co-writers and our valued network of readers. Powered by The Produce News and the unmatched network of Grand Central Floral, the Floral Pulse now reaches 16,000 print subscribers and 110,000 digital subscribers worldwide. We are humbled by such industry support and it is our joint goal to enlighten, educate and delight our readers, while building the best-ever promotional programs for our valued advertisers. We’ve come so far already, but you won’t believe what’s in store for 2019 and beyond!  

In Melissa’s role, she will leverage her industry experience by writing new, thoughtful content and will help develop new marketing strategies for advertisers. Melissa understands the inside mechanics of the floriculture industry and brings the following experience to the Floral Pulse:

Tactical farm relationships in Columbia, Ecuador, and California.

Fourteen-category product knowledge: growing cycles, farm availability and category management.

Procurement, fulfillment, and distribution experience in bouquets, bulk, arrangements, consumer bunches, potted foliage, potted blooming and hard goods.

Shipping expertise: Air and ground through five distribution centers and more than 515 individual stores.

Closed-loop supply chain management from product RFQ, warehousing, distribution and on to accounting.

Quality financial reporting for five distribution center, 515 stores and 125 suppliers.

Hands-on experience with the latest procurement and buying technology.

Generated a weekly e-newsletter for 515 stores containing key information on product knowledge, salesmanship, visual merchandising, and care/handling.

The world is our oyster and we want to welcome you to continue to be our partners in bringing the most innovative, accurate and insightful education and information to the floriculture industry-at-large. Improvement is the end result of learning, and we hope you’ll join us!