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Living in color with living coral: Pantone’s color of the Year 2019

Lively and lovely best describes Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2019: Living Coral. This happy hue comes at a time when it is needed most. With the country in deep divide and problems brewing all over the world, Living Coral provides a spirited respite from our troubles. This color has been slowly making its appearance over the last year in many aspects of our lives. Fashion has been a huge influencer of this color, recently appearing on many worldwide runways and red carpets all over the country.

pantone1 This cheerful shade has also been popping up in home décor, either as a simple accent to add a spot of color to a room or as a gorgous wall covering taking the whole room to the next level. Living Coral is truly a color we NEED in our lives.    

While not the easiest to work with in our Floral World — as many flowers do not naturally come in this color- Pantone 16-1546 provides the designer with an interesting set of challenges.

Now of course one can tint or paint the flowers or greens in this wonderful hue. Painting certain greens in these tones can provide an under the sea experience in our floral bouquets making them lively and fun.

But how does one provide this color scheme naturally not using paint? It is all in the pairing.

Living Coral is a color that marries well with many other colors. You can certainly find this hue in packaging and containers, but what shades do you pair with it? I personally love to use it with blue. The cool and calming tones of many shades of blue are a wonderful yin to the yang of bright vibrant tones of Living Coral. Think of how this color is naturally paired in nature. Think of The Great Barrier Reef and all those awesome colors living harmoniously with the corals in these tones. Nature’s artistry at its best!

So, whether you’re adding just a pop of this eye catching color or creating an animated monochromatic bouquet alive with shades of this hue, be sure to include Living Coral into your lives full of living color.

Robert De Bellis AIFD, CFD, PFCI is the Lead Designer and Education Specialist at World Class Flowers He can be reached at