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Super Bowl spending and the power of the flower

I know what you’re thinking... football... flowers...HUH? But hear me out.

The customer-count pie isn’t getting any bigger, and there’s research-upon-research to back that up. Conversely, the retail players in the gifting field are increasing tenfold right before our eyes, adding quicker ordering, faster delivery and an ever-growing list of gift options. The math is simple, if not frightening.  

superbowl1 Consider this. Maybe 2019 should be the year of super-secondary holiday promotions, organizing in-store sales and visual merchandising events that are outside the “big five”: Valentine, Easter, Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

We all know that these secondary holidays are definitely not touchdowns in the P&L… but they can be the rush plays that continue the forward motion of the ball down the field. They’re the best thing we have for the other 47 weeks of the year outside of routine, everyday selling. Building a strong promotional plan for secondary holidays is all about gaining yardage in a field that is not increasing in size.

Let’s tackle the Super Bowl basics:

Date:Feb. 3

Place: Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta.

Teams: Flip a coin… Patriots, Rams, Saints, Chiefs?

Half-time show: Maroon 5 reportedly, but not officially confirmed.

The Super Bowl spending is estimated at $16 billion.

The average American will spend approximately $90 per capita on the Super Bowl, with annual increases of 8 percent or more. Four out of five Americans plan to purchase specific food for this event.

Thus, if you’re a supermarket florist, this is even better news for you.

The big spenders will surprise you!

Throwing down the most cash for Superbowl are millennials, with Gen-X (ages 35-44) following at $113.50 per capita and Boomers (ages 55-64) at the end of the spending spectrum at $61.32 per capita.

High point: The traffic for the big game is the exact opposite of “normal floral spenders.” This means that standing before you will be those hard-to-reach customers right before the Valentine’s Day holiday: men and millennials. Yes, market to the big game during this time, but also market your Valentine’s Day teasers to these hard-to-reach customers. The big game is Feb. 3 — the timing is perfect!

Try a few of these promotional ideas to get you started!

* Flowers arranged in a beer mug.

* Beer bottles used as budvases.

* Snack packs and candy Bar bouquets.

* Balloon arch in team colors (show your customers how to make a simple one for their home parties).

* Balloon centerpieces in team colors (use a yellow cloth-covered balloon weight to signify a penalty flag).

* Door wreaths in team colors.

Don’t forget!

* Hostess gifts in any color!

* Signage to lure and inspire these new customers to buy.

* Valentine’s Day teaser displays and promotional flyers.

Avoid the pre-Valentine sack and use this ever-important Super Bowl traffic to gain some early yardage in 2019.