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It’s amazing how fast the year flies by! And as 2019 gets ready to sound its trumpet, I’m honored to be able to share with you another news and educational forum that will unveil the brilliant effervescence that makes our industry a great one.

In addition to my website and newsletter,, I hope you’ll also enjoy reading my latest forum: The Floral Pulse, powered by The Produce News.

florist-retail-501937152 6016x4016 As many of you already know, The Produce News is the leading circular in the perishable industry, with 16,000-plus subscribers of the print edition and 100,000 followers of the digital version. Adding this unmatched reach to the 10,000 subscribers of Grand Central Floral, our (and your) collective message will now reach over 126,000-plus decision-makers within the global agriculture industry: mass market retailers, e-commerce, traditional florists, convenience stores, wholesalers, manufacturers, growers, transportation organizations, warehouse leaders, trade organizations, technology providers and industry event coordinators, worldwide.

You have a story to tell and I’d love to tell it. I’d also love for you to share your own stories and the uniqueness that makes your organization so great.

We already have a large list of experts signed up to help educate, tell their story or share their news in 2019, and we’d love to add you and your company to the list. Simply drop me a quick note at and we’ll leave no stone unturned to send your message around the globe.  

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While it’s true that we can’t turn back the clock, we can certainly keep rewinding it. I hope you’ll join me in 2019 and beyond to make these coming years the best ever.

Ready? Get set. Now, turn the page and take a peek inside!