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Silver Vase helps raise awareness and funding for breast cancer research

Each October, in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, thousands of organizations around the world highlight the importance of education, research and fundraising to find the cure for this insidious disease. Many floral industry companies also create floral promotions — usually pink — in order to raise funds and support the important cause.

BCA-PINK-MYSTIQUE Since 2013, Silver Vase Inc., an orchid and bromeliad grower in Homestead, FL, has partnered with the National Breast Cancer Foundation to boost awareness and funding for research.

“Every October for the past six years, we have come up with a line of products that would be in line with this very personal and difficult time for a woman,” Marcella Lucio-Chinchilla, vice president of sales and marketing at Silver Vase, told The Produce News.

“We donate 10 percent of our sales of the items selected for this campaign to NBCF. Since [we began] our partnership, we have donated over $60,000.”

This year, Silver Vase is offering for its breast cancer awareness fundraiser a 5-inch BCA Pink Mystique Phalaenopsis orchid in a ceramic container. The plants are available in different case sizes.

“Please note it has a custom-made design alluding to the fact we are partnering up with a reputable nonprofit,” said Lucio-Chinchilla. “We are always very concerned in not seeming ‘to take advantage of’ another person’s misfortune but rather to spread the word by means of this campaign. Spread the word that you are not alone and that although an orchid is not the cure, it could certainly bring some comfort to one’s soul. Plants are a symbol of life and fertility and green is the color of nature. It symbolizes growth, harmony, freshness and fertility. Women bring life into our world, not only just through childbirth, but also as nurturers and caregivers.”

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