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SAF appoints six leaders to chair councils

The Society of American Florists appointed six members from its board of directors to serve as chairmen on its segment councils and joint councils — which make recommendations on how the national trade association can develop programs and services to meet the needs of its members —according to a news release.

SAF-COUNCILS“We could not do what we do without our volunteer leaders — everything SAF does starts as an idea or need that’s raised by members of the Retailers, Wholesalers or Growers Councils, who are tasked with figuring out what SAF needs to do to help its members — and the industry — grow,” Kate Penn, SAF’s chief executive officer, told The Produce News.

“From there, ideas and recommendations are funneled to the appropriate joint council — government relations, consumer marketing, member services — to discuss how that need or recommendation parlays into a new product or service,” Penn continued. “From there, presuming it fits within SAF’s budget, our team takes over and makes it happen.”

SAF’s segment Councils identify specific issues affecting their industry segment, recommend how SAF can address the issues, and identify candidates for the board of directors and councils.

SAF’s Joint Councils are a cross-pollination of individuals from all three segment Councils and provide more specific direction in their respective areas.

SAF’s Consumer Joint Council provides input and guidance in the development of consumer and industry-based marketing, education and information processes to increase the consumption of flowers and plants.

The Member Joint Council makes recommendations for SAF’s member benefits programs and services.

The Government Joint Council provides input and recommendations on regulations and legislation that affect the floral industry and develops policies favorable to the success and growth of the industry.

“I can say with 100 percent certainty that SAF’s very best ideas — the programs that are most used and appreciated by our industry — started with our volunteer leaders who, acting on behalf of the industry, spotted a need for something,” Penn said.

“Everything we do on Capitol Hill is considered by the Government Joint Council, and SAF’s 1-Day Profit Blasts? The idea for that came from our councils, who, seeing the success and popularity of SAF’s Annual Convention, challenged us to figure out how to bring a shorter and less expensive — but just as high-quality — educational conference to retailers around the country, who don’t have the means to travel to the annual convention. We started those late in 2013 and have been in 13 different markets and have been able to offer our education to an additional 1,100 industry members since; and it all started with our councils.”

SAF’s segment and Joint Council members convene twice annually — at the SAF Spring Meetings in March in advance of Congressional Action Days, and at the SAF Fall Meetings in September in advance of the association’s Annual Convention.