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IFD flower trends forecast 2018

Each year, International Floral Distributors, a marketing company owned by 19 floral wholesale distributors with over 60 locations, publishes its annual flower trends forecast. According to a news release and designed by Michael J. Skaff, IFD presents the following four 2018 emerging event and wedding flower trends, flower types, flower colors and floral design stylings:

Magnificent Mediterranean — A rich and vibrant style with modern simplicity.

Positively-PoshPositively Posh epitomizes the timeless design reminiscent of 18th century France in hues of romantic pinks and purples.Magnificent Mediterranean’s flower trend for 2018 has brilliant tones of orange, blue, and gold pop against muted hues of beige and cream, igniting a yearning for luxury. The color palette draws from the bold colors and easy styles of Mediterranean villages and towns. Bold accents, geometric patterns, and natural bronze elements establish a refined rustic feature within this trend. Magnificent Mediterranean is casual sophistication in its finest form and makes use of geometric patterns, both modern and simple, with a design style of casual formality. Natural, freeform designs allow flowers, vines, and greens to organically come together, and shades of blue establish the trend’s distinct look.

Positively Posh — Dreamy hues of romantic pink and purple.

Positively Posh epitomizes a timeless design reminiscent of 18th century France. Its traditional romantic fashion exudes a whimsical and youthful feel in a style fit for royalty. Positively Posh’s delicate grays, pinks, purples, and neutrals extravagantly mingle through layers of soft, feminine ruffles, reminiscent of the Romantic Movement’s soft elegance with a plentiful assortment of en vogue updates. Positively Posh floral arrangements are soft, yet extravagant. Elegant bouquets bring together an abundance of opulent blooms to flaunt an ornate, stylish look. This trend expresses all of the sensuality associated with Old Roses.

Folk Art Reinvented — Upbeat and quirky meets hippy and country chic.

Folk Art Reinvented emanates an eclectic expression of pure pleasure and whimsy. Its quirky personality repurposes the typical garden flair as the hippy style meets country chic. It is saturated with youthful, vibrant colors as it couples appealing oranges, golds, greens, pinks, and dark purples with subtler, muted tones of peach, cream and sage. The bold, youthful look of Folk Art Reinvented utilizes rich tones to establish an artistic and spirited vibe, and a medley of brightly colored glass vases of varying profiles develops the feeling of personal expression.

Incarnation of Earth’s Element — Becoming one with nature.

Incarnation of Earth’s Element redefines the common conception of nature. Its modern twist on the fundamentals of life reveals an undeniably chic and minimalist style, and it astonishes with punches of forest green and earth brown. The look incorporates the modern side of nature, where exotic wood sculptures and metal accessories can be combined with earth-toned, organic-shaped bottles and glass vases. Incarnation of Earth’s Element celebrates individuality and the modern side of nature, with the use of geometric forms contrasted with the natural look of flowers to provide an edgy effect that is both organic and contemporary. Flowers appear in bright greens, earthy oranges, and fiery reds and mix with textured foliages and pods. The Incarnation of Earth’s Element trend redefines the common conception of nature; its modern twist on the fundamentals of life reveals an undeniably chic and minimalist style.