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Get ready — here come the holidays!

Jack Frost visited us in the upper Midwest and the trees are releasing their last remaining leaves. Is it just me, or do summers seem to get shorter every year?

COVER-SHOT-1 As we enter November, it’s time to embrace Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, weeks of holiday shopping, family gatherings and the upcoming winter holidays. This is the last push for your supermarket floral department in 2017 and to make the most of the season, in this edition we feature some new holiday product ideas. In addition, Frank Biddle writes about his visit to Proflora in Colombia and the show’s importance for the global floral industry; Gay Smith educates us about ethylene, the problems it creates and the solutions that can be deployed to mitigate its damage; Jana Register describes the history of Florida’s leatherleaf fern; Laura Jacobs recaps the SAF 1-Day Profit Blast in Boston; we cover two special programs that support and honor our nation’s military servicemen and women; along with other pertinent floral industry news.

Next month is our last issue of the year, and we’ll have on-the-scene coverage of the PMA Fresh Summit and the WF&FSA Floral Distribution Conference and we’ll help you start planning for Valentine’s Day (gulp).

See you then.

Richard Lutes is the floral editor and floral sales manager of The Produce News. He can be contacted at 763/595-9559 or