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The Inside Look...
Whew! The Valentine holiday is behind us and the Spring season is roaring in! Time flies when you’re havin’ fun! It’s funny in our business how we go from Winter to Spring… literally overnight! In this issue, we start by wrapping up the Valentine holiday, giving accolades to the warriors behind the scenes who fight to get us the beautiful products we sell, and the customer-facing warriors who thrive on enticing potential customers with impeccable visual merchandising!... Read more
SAF asks companies, publications to reconsider negative Valentine’s Day ads
The world’s largest alliance of independent hotel brands and a startup company in the custom framing industry apologized to the floral industry after the Society of American Florists pointed out that their email promotions disparaged flowers. “We love flowers and chocolate, too, and our intention was to broaden the Valentine’s Day gift consideration set also to travel,” wrote Kristi Gole, senior director of customer strategy and insights at the Global Hotel... Read more
Together we’re an ocean
Part mastery… part mystery. Most of the science behind good merchandising can be explained, but much of it cannot. We know it when we see it. We know it when we feel it. With the proliferation of online, non-floral gift options and in-store purchases where 70 percent are unplanned, it is imperative to provide simple and clear merchandising guidelines to store teams. Although the theme and contents of each display should be different, there are five basic techniques... Read more
How do I talk to my  employees about shrink?
There’s no single dichotomy in the industry more misunderstood and complex to explain than the term, “shrink.” On one hand, an overage of products indicates that customer demand was completely optimized with no one turned away. On the other hand, a plummeting P&L at the end of the quarter resonates all the way up to the C-level with indications that we “gave away the farm” — and someone’s got some ‘splainin’ to do! Here are five easy steps to educate employees... Read more
#FlowerMarketingMonday provides continued marketing into 2019!
In 2018, the Floral Marketing Research Fund and American Floral Endowment launched a video series featuring flowers called #FlowerMarketingMonday. Through this series, a new, flower-promoting video is released on social media every Monday that industry members can download, personalize and share on their own company platforms — FREE and at your convenience!  Make #FlowerMarketingMonday part of your marketing efforts in 2019, and use the FREE videos on... Read more
The Designer’s Bench: How to make modern Prom corsages
How to make a modern version of a traditional wrist corsage Step-by-step instructions: • Choose flowers and ribbon based on party attire. Make sure to take into account fabric type and texture to make selection. Here we used Offray Double Face Satin in Azalea and Garbo Satin Sheer in Black. Both ribbons are 5/8-inch wide. • Coordinate wristlet design and spray accessories to accent jewelry being worn. • Start by making two separate bows in varying sizes using... Read more
New AFE research application process for 2019
American Floral Endowment’s Research Committee announces a new research funding process and a revised application for 2019.  The new application process is a single application form.  For many years, AFE’s process required researchers to submit a pre-proposal application. Then, if preliminarily selected by the committee and industry members, it required a more detailed full proposal. “We realized the time constraints on researchers, and in an effort... Read more
Hillcrest Garden to be a  Kennicott Bros. owned company
Hillcrest Garden Inc. and Kennicott Bros. Co. announced that they will be joining forces on March 1. Kennicott Bros. Co. will acquire certain operating assets of Hillcrest. Operations will continue as usual to serve florists in northern New Jersey and the greater metropolitan area of New York City. Founded in 1936 by Eric Levy Sr., Hillcrest Garden Inc. started in Park Ridge, NJ, as a grower-wholesale operation selling flowers to retail florists off of route... Read more
Keep calm and Prom on: The top five ways to add shine and shimmer to your Prom business
Here we go! The season of “wearables”— packed full of fabric match-ups, expansive accouterments and stressed parents! Going all the way back to the debutante balls of the late 1800s, the prom season is considered the single-most significant social function of all high school events, with florists walking the tightrope between satisfying the parents’ budgets and fulfilling the students’ vision of flower grandeur.     Making the most of this... Read more
All about St. Patrick’s Day
St. Patrick’s Day, observed on March 17, is both a cultural and religious holiday named in honor of the patron saint of Ireland. The feast of Saint Patrick took place in 1631 to commemorate his life and the arrival of Christianity in Ireland on the anniversary of his death, which was believed to be March 17, 461 AD. In the centuries following his death, the mythology surrounding his life became more ingrained in the Irish culture, but with very little known about... Read more
Time for spring cleaning; give your policies the boot!
Now that the holidays are behind you, consider focusing on the parts of the business that you “put off” until you have the time. You know, the strategic, administrative, marketing, and people parts of the business that seem daunting, and in your head, you say, “I just don’t have the time....” A good place to start is to review your workplace policies and practices. If you have not reviewed these in more than two years, it is time to grab a big cup of coffee and... Read more
Floral Pulse welcomes industry expert
Please join me in welcoming Melissa Jones to the Floral Pulse team as an industry expert, providing professional, customized service to our advertisers and readers. Melissa JonesIn the past three months, the Floral Pulse has grown tremendously in depth, content, relevancy, imagery, advertisers, co-writers and our valued network of readers. Powered by The Produce News and the unmatched network of Grand Central Floral, the Floral Pulse now reaches 16,000 print subscribers... Read more
burton + BURTON® partners with Basket of Hope®
burton + BURTON was honored to participate in this year’s Super Baskets of Hope event. Basket of Hope’s mission is to deliver inspiration and joy to children diagnosed with cancer or other serious illnesses. Maxine and Bob Burton.The baskets are filled with toys, games, crafts, plush animals, gift cards, and other age-appropriate items. Hope Totes are optional for the parents and contain gifts to nourish them physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Maxine... Read more
PMA hosts Pantone color institute webinar
Color, shape and visual texture might be the holy trinity of floral design, but where do floral designers look to spark their inner muse? One go-to source is Pantone, LLC, which is the world-renowned authority on color. Later this month, Produce Marketing Association will partner with the Pantone Color Institute to offer a free, one-hour webinar bursting with insights that the mass-market floral community can use to spur their own product development, marketing... Read more
Flower power! National Tulip Day 2019 reigns victorious in Amsterdam
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The inside look...
Did you know that 84 percent of all Americans are shopping for something at any given time? Are your stores front-of-mind? Will your store be the first and only thought that enters the customer’s brain? And when he or she arrives… will they be satisfied and even enticed into spending more than intended? Remember, people don’t buy because what we do is awesome. They buy because our product makes them feel awesome! That philosophy should change how we’re advertising,... Read more
TPIE 2019 scores big with large buyer  attendance and record-breaking exhibitors
It was the zen of January…the yin to the yang of Valentine’s Day… the calm before the storm. The Tropical Plant International Expo is the trade event of mid-January, showcasing the latest trends in foliage, floral and tropicals in warm and inviting South Florida. TPIE covered nearly five acres — or 17,000-plus square meters — with living and vibrant plants creating a virtual indoor garden of showstopping displays.TPIE’s trade show was more than an exhibit area... Read more
Riddle: What holiday is bigger than Black Friday  and Cyber Monday combined?
Wait! You don’t get the answer that easily. Can you guess it in 10 hints? Go ahead, try to guess, and you’ll find the answer at the bottom: 1. Started in 1993 in Nanjing University — China. 2. Also known as “Bare Stick’s Holiday.” 3. World’s biggest online shopping event. 4. Also promoted offline, with Alibaba partnering with 52 shopping malls and 60 pop-up shops across 12 cities in China. 5. Celebrates singledom (oops, I may have given the answer away with... Read more