Sun Pacific continues to expand organic grape program

sunpacificgrapes Sun Pacific, one of the larger fruit growers in California’s San Joaquin Valley, continues to expand its organic grape program and is anticipating a very good 2020 season.

“We have grown our organics into a large and robust program, converting organic volume over the past three years,” said Melissa Heinrich, vice president of sales for grapes and kiwi. “Sun Pacific’s organic grapes span the entire San Joaquin Valley from south Bakersfield all the way to Reedley.”

She said the company, which is headquartered in the Southern California city of Pasadena, has expanded its organic grape volume by transitioning more and more of its conventional acreage. Organic grapes now account for a majority of Sun Pacific’s grape volume.

“We are extremely excited about new varieties in the grape category, especially Autumn Crisp, a large crunch, sweet green grape that starts mid-season and can go until late.”

In the last week of June, Heinrich told The Produce News that Sun Pacific will begin volume shipments soon and they will continue through the fall. “Organic grapes will be available from July to December with promotional volume between mid-August and beginning of November,” Heinrich said. “We will have 20 varieties of organics to cover all colors and windows.”

Sun Pacific tailors its sales promotions on a customer by customer basis in order to boost organic gape sales. “Customers are looking to buy organic grapes that are as sweet and as high quality as conventional,” she said. “Big size, new varieties, better flavor and super sweet.”

Sun Pacific’s story began when founder and Chief Executive Officer Berne Evans purchased 72 acres of orange groves in the San Joaquin Valley in 1969. He had a vision to cultivate the fertile California land and create specialty crops that would delight customers across North America and beyond. This pioneering spirit led unprecedented innovation in the citrus category, resulting in the highest quality consumer and customer preferred brands in the marketplace.

Over the years, the company has focused much of its attention on branded fruit including Cuties clementines and mandarins, and Mightie kiwi. It also offers Air Chief navel and Valencia oranges, lemons, table grapes and Vintage Sweets heirloom navel oranges.

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