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Domex Superfresh continues focus on Autumn Glory, expansion of organics

Looking to Southern Exposure’s great spring venue, Domex Superfresh Growers Director of Marketing/Customer Relations Mike Preacher said in early February he will be one of several marketing and sales representatives at the upcoming Southeast Produce Council’s Orlando show in March.

And he said the twofold message Domex will be sharing is “organic everything, including our proprietary Autumn Glory® apple.”

3lb-Autumn-Glory-PouchThree-pound Autumn Glory pouch.He said, “We will have Autumn Glory supplies through spring 2019,” adding that this marks the third year of commercial marketing for the variety that brings both hints of caramel and cinnamon flavors to a receptive market.

“The momentum has been fantastic,” Preacher continued. “We’ve chosen to focus on this one new variety, which we have in both organic and conventional volumes.” The Autumn Glory descends from two beloved parents, the Fuji and Golden Delicious, and Preacher said it has been presented in major markets nationally – “So consumers are able to find it more easily this year.”

Dovetailing with the Autumn Glory focus is the organic message, which covers all other apple varieties, pears and cherries.

“We’ve doubled our investment in recent years on volume, and we’re thrilled to see the retail momentum organics have gained. We like to farm that way, and now we’ll have organics longer in apples and pears.” He noted that the 2019 cherry season, which could have an earlier start, will bring both organic and conventional dark sweets and Rainiers to the market, and new varieties are extending the late season. “We’ll talk about that at SEPC, too,” Preacher said.

Preacher said Southern Exposure, with its Florida-in-March appeal accentuated by the intimacy of the size and venue, allows grower/shippers the ability “to have meaningful conversations with major retailers.” He went on to say, “We like the focus on innovations and also on organics, and we’re pleased to see the Council’s effort to drive consumption of fresh produce.”

The networking opportunities also provide added emphasis on Domex’s Autumn Glory and organic promotions being carried out now at retail, and Preacher said the team can also share plans for additional promos throughout the year, including back-to-school and other event specific themes.

“We certainly are doubling down annually on our communication to the world about our healthy and tasty products,” Preacher said. “Our digital communications tactics of course involve the use of social media,, blogs, online advertising and other activities to convey how we grow apples, pears and cherries, focus on sustainability, value our invaluable human resources.” He said the operation is “constantly refreshing our orchards,” and he concluded, “We are doing all we can to be sustainable, implementing warehouse efficiencies and adding automation. And we’ll observe Earth Day on April 22.”