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Innovation fuels Setton Farms

Innovation drives everything at Setton Farms, from the way it processes its pistachios to the products it creates.

Joseph Setton, a principal for the Terra Bella, CA-based company, said the Setton Pistachio team is consistently creating new and more efficient methods to create the highest quality product.

“We believe that all food is better with pistachios and our position in the market allows us to continuously create original snacks containing pistachios,” he said. “Consumers gravitate toward items that not only taste great but offer nutritional benefits such as our Flavored Pistachios and Pistachio Chewy Bites, which offer a variety of nutrients in a fun new way.”

IMG 6879-EditThe Setton family has always held quality and innovation as the top values that drive its business.

“We are leaders in the pistachio industry, holding ourselves to high standards of quality in our products and in the way we do business,” Setton said. “We believe this is why our partnerships last, because we are genuine in what we say and in our actions. We continue to innovate as the market grows in demand for newer and healthier options.”

With its position as a leader in the industry, Setton Pistachio is able to consistently create products that appeal to a wide variety of consumers. For example, its new Pistachio Chewy Bite variety features Plum + Date Nectar with a touch of lemon.

“With more than 50 percent pistachios, these healthy, on-the-go bites are unlike any bars in the market,” Setton said. “We also use our kernels to create innovative mixes that stand out from your traditional nut and fruit combinations. By combining pistachios with almonds, pepitas, dried blueberries and cherries into our Pistachio Power Blend, we created a fresh take on trail mixes that consumers are really enjoying. Additionally, we manufacture chocolate covered pistachios.”

He added that the company makes it a priority to provide retailers with new items on an annual basis and wants to push the pistachio industry as a whole, creating new and innovative SKUs to appeal to a range of consumer tastes.

“With an ever-increasing range of items, we can tailor programs that work best for retailers throughout the country,” Setton said.

Setton Pistachio is currently in the middle of harvest, which lasts until October.

“We will operate around the clock processing our premium quality pistachios that will be enjoyed throughout the year and around the world,” Setton said. “We have been adding automation to improve our quality profile. From high-color sorting equipment to satellite imagery analytics, we focus on innovation as a key strategy to improve farming, growing and processing. By moving pistachios quicker from field to silo, we maintain that fresh-from-the-orchard taste only available from the Setton Farms brand. This continues our tradition of excellence and premium quality both for the retailer and the end consumer.”

Setton Pistachio has been growing organically in all aspects of the business. The company has expanded its plant, increasing the amount of product it can process and store in preparation of the increasing pistachio yields.

“By partnering with new growers, we will have additional pounds that we can continue to innovate and create new products with,” Setton said. “This is an ‘on’ crop year, which means the industry could see anywhere from 800 to 900 million pounds of pistachios. This year we are working closely with retailers and interacting more with consumers through a variety of outlets such as social media and in-store programs.”