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Sunview Marketing specializing in organic grapes

Sunview Marketing Int., doing business in Delano, CA, is one of the larger growers of organic grapes in the Central Valley of California. 

“We have a full assortment of organic grapes including our proprietary varieties Stella Bella and Rosa,” said Mitch Wetzel, vice president of sales for the company. “We have been committed to organic farming for years and have been increasing our acreage in this area.”

There’s no real secret to success with organics, Wetzel said, sharing that it all harkens on having great fruit.

both-displaysSunview Marketing Int. is one of the larger growers of organic grapes in the Central Valley of California.  “Our farming department has been farming organically for years and take pride in the business,” he said. “The quality of our grapes is a testament to their hard work and dedication.”

That dedication has helped Sunview Marketing Int. to continue increasing its organic product, as the numbers rise each and every season.

“Retailers are continuing to expand their distribution in their stores and it is now the case where you can find organic fruits and vegetables in just about every store, not just in specialized retailers,” Wetzel said. “The industry continues to grow with new companies involved. Sunview is excited to participate in the upcoming Organic Product Summit and looks forward to its continued growth.”

Since the company grows exclusively in the Central Valley of California, is has not started the new season, with estimates that the 2018 organic crops will begin in July and run through December — typical timing for the Central Valley.

Wetzel admitted that challenges with any farm in California are increasing every year, as the costs of inputs continue to rise and the availability and efficient use of water is something that is on every farmer’s mind. Still, he doesn’t expect those deterrents from impacting what should be a strong season.

“We have been working on new proprietary varieties for Sunview and will be introducing some this year,” Wetzel said. “At this point we are not talking about specific names nor varieties. A facet of Sunview’s business that is interesting is that we have our own in-house nursery where we are constantly looking at new varieties. Our customers and consumers are always looking for better eating varieties and we are meeting those needs with our new varieties and will continue in the future.”

In addition, Wetzel noted that the company is considering new advancements to improve farming operations.

“Our farming department is constantly looking for ways to improve our farming practices,” he said. “This process is not just concentrated on organic farming but in all areas of the farm. We realize that our natural resources are precious and we look for ways to be more efficient every season, every year.”