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S. Katzman Produce expanding BloomFresh brand

Hunts Point Produce Market-based S. Katzman Produce Inc., has a passion for fresh fruits and vegetables. As a leading company on the market, as well as a major Northeast and beyond distributor, its full line of produce includes every category and top brand names.

Stefanie Katzman, fourth generation family member, said the company is always looking for the next new item or variety.

“We source product from across the country and around the world, so everyone has the opportunity to enjoy all the deliciousness mother nature has to offer,” she said.

P1050472Third and fourth generation family members at S. Katzman Produce: Steve Katzman, seated, flanked by his son, Samuel Katzman; son-in-law Paul Jaffa; and daughter, Stefanie Katzman.In the past few years, S. Katzman has acquired numerous new units on the Hunts Point Market, and today it has a presence on Rows A, B and D. The additions and renovations have made it possible for the company’s entire team to work more closely together, which Katzman said has enabled it to increase its efficiencies.

S. Katzman’s BloomFresh rebranding project, which began in 2015, was given a complete update in the past couple of years, and the line is continually expanding. Last year it extended the brand with a full line of herbs.

“We are launching a BloomFresh Dried Pomegranate Aril to be added to the line,” said Katzman. “The item will be in stores in June. Pomegranates continue to prove to be healthy and delicious, so we have found a great new way to get this perfect treat into consumers’ hands. Unlike other frozen, freeze dried or dehydrated pomegranate options available, our arils are slow dried to keep all that wonderful flavor and nutrition in every mouthful.”

The BloomFresh brand is carried by both major and small retail chains. S. Katzman also offers both conventional and organic salad mixes in the line. BloomFresh even has its own website,

“BloomFresh continues to strive at the retail level,” noted Katzman, “and we continually look for new and exciting items to add to it.”

She stressed that S. Katzman is very fortunate to have a strong and passionate team.

“The pride and energy put into every task — big and small — is what supports our growth year after year,” she said. “We work constantly to improve and fine-tune our procedures, our facility, our equipment and our technology.”

With summer just around the corner in mid-April, S. Katzman was getting excited about the start of its local programs. The company has the pleasure of bringing product in to its Hunts Point facility from across the country and around the world all year long, so when summer approaches, it loves being able to include local product into its mix.

“S. Katzman Produce began decades ago with local greens out of New Jersey, and it is wonderful to continue that tradition,” said Katzman. “We’ve been involved in the locally grown movement long before it was anywhere near a movement. Since our founding, we have cherished our work with local farmers, and we’ll continue to in the years to come.”

It’s with pride that the company announces that it has received its SQF Level 2 Food Safety Certification.

“Food safety has been a focus in our industry, and a company initiative that we feel is very important,” explained Katzman. “Everyone should be able to enjoy their fruits and vegetables and not be worried about what they are putting in their mouths. At S. Katzman, we are happy to be able to put their minds at ease.”

As the company grows, so does its dedicated team. Katzman said not only does the company continually add new hires, it also delights over moving existing personnel up the ranks.

“We always welcome newcomers, but it’s also great when employees who have been with us for many years continue to strive for, and achieve, growth and advancement within the company,” she said.