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A good season at the Vineland Produce Auction

vineland, nj — New Jersey’s 2017 fresh produce season “started out strong” at the Vineland Produce Auction, the auction’s Carol DeFoor told The Produce News Aug. 15. “It was consistently steady and strong,” although in recent weeks, “the weather’s put a damper on allowing some of the growers to get into fields.” But generally speaking, “It’s been a good season.”

NJfall4852Carol DeFoor, Linda Hendricks, Gloria Schoppel, Debbie Forcinito and Jean Leibow of the auction.Of the many items that go through the auction, “peppers were strong, and the greens were very good in the spring,” she noted. “The hard squashes have been in demand.”

She continued, “The market really fluctuated. Different commodities were up for a few days and then down for a few days.” For example, “pickles and green squash were high one day and then would drop to almost nothing and then were back up again,” a situation caused in large part by day-to-day changes in the weather. “From the end of July until now, it’s been rainier than normal,” she pointed out.

Asked which items have shown good volume, DeFoor said that the top five items at the auction “so far this year” are peppers, green squash, cilantro, cabbage and kale.

Looking to the upcoming fall season, DeFoor noted that “generally the greens start coming back in September,” with a good variety of items to follow, as usual.

However, she cautioned, “We don’t know the full effects this rain will have on the start of the fall deal.”