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Spice World’s team on target to promote the company’s line at the NEPC Expo

Orlando, FL-based Spice World grows its domestic garlic in California, making its summer harvest and packing a time of full-speed ahead.

Louis Hymel, director of purchasing and marketing, said the company’s crop looks really good this year, adding, “The market continues to be strong, and demand is always growing.”

P1040911 The company distributes across the country, and has a strong client base throughout New England for both its conventional and organic garlic and other specialty items. Its wide range of customer categories include retailers of all sizes and scopes, wholesalers, foodservice operations and industrial operators.

The company made a big splash a few years ago with the launch of Squeeze Garlic, and today the product is widely recognized.

Following on the heels of its success a couple of years later, it launched Squeeze Ginger. Then it hit another homerun with organic options of the Squeeze products. Hymel said the organic line continues to grow in demand rapidly.

Spice World will exhibit at the 2017 New England Produce Council Expo, Sept. 12-13, at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center in Boston.

“Chris Whitson, vice president of sales, along with Arden Laughter and Drew Caneza, representing our sales department, will be on hand at the NEPC expo,” said Hymel. “They will feature our complete line of garlic items, with a strong emphasis on our value-added products which include our ready-to-use jars and Squeeze Garlic items.”

He explained that the demand for Spice World’s garlic is stronger than ever, and it continues to increase. The tight international garlic market in the past couple of years has resulted in market prices globally remaining firm.

Spice World is recognized as progressive company, and is known across the nation for its wide product line, including jarred spices and herbs. The company continually explores new value-added ideas and ways to increase its efficiencies and sustainable methods. It acknowledges that the land has given Spice World a remarkable gift, and it is making sure it returns the favor.

“We sow the seeds of change, sustainability and accountability — so we can all have a healthier future,” said Hymel. “We’re doing everything possible to be socially responsible and eco-friendly.

The company uses recyclable material in all possible cases. It has redesigned its packaging made with green technology that is saving more than 4,000 trees, 500 barrels of oil and 800 cubic yards of landfill every year. Its coast to coast processing plants helps reduce fuel consumption, and the state-of-the-art processing results in more efficient operations.

Hymel said consumer demand is extremely diverse, but strong from all directions.

“Demand is high across the board for our complete line of garlic items,” he pointed out. “Spice World’s diverse line of products — from fresh whole garlic bulbs, fresh peeled, ready-to-use minced and chopped along with our Squeeze Garlic — fills every consumer need.”

The company is also progressive when it comes to helping its retail partners to display its products, which the company’s representatives will be happy to talk about with visitors to the NEPC Expo.

“We offer many different types of displays and point-of-purchase materials,” said Hymel. “Our programs fulfill every merchandiser’s request.”

Spice World, Hymel pointed out, has been doing business in the Northeast for about 68 years.

“We have many well-established customers in this region, and the NEPC expo gives us the opportunity to see everyone at one place and time,” he stressed.